Fight Till The Finish

May the feeble knees that was once hanged down, the feeble hands hanging down, the knees that’s dropped, may we rise tonight in the Name of the Lord Jesus, and be strong, go out in the battle. Buckle on the whole armor of God, and fight till the finish.

53-0508 God Commissioning Moses

Brother Emmanuel Kubuya, VGR office manager in the city of Goma, Democratic Republic Of Congo is a zealous missionary who often visits prisons, hospitals and has a genuine burden in his heart for his people. This burden often brings him and the team into action by doing outreaches in different parts of the city, presenting the voice of Malachi 4 to the world around him.

Here is Bro. Kubuya’s report on their recent missionary outreach:

Considering this prophetic recommendation spoken from the mouth of our Prophet William M Branham:

“How can you hold still if you're a man of God, or a woman of God, and know and see sin and things heaped and weighted, and everything like that; and see human souls going to hell, millions a day, and stand still? You can't do it. Someone said to me the other day, "You think you can stop it?" I said, "No. I can't stop it, 'cause God said. But one day at the judgment bar, they're going to pull out the big screen, flash on the camera yonder, and that tape recording's going to be played. And I'm going to stand and listen at it; I want to hear my voice warning against it. God will judge me when my voice comes against it." Yes, sir. When we see this life, this generation, re-enacted again yonder at the judgment... Certainly. We're living in a terrible time. And there it is.”

54-0509 The Invasion Of The United States

When we saw how the sin keeps heavily increasing every day as millions of human souls are on their way to hell, we felt very pushed to break the silence and do our best to bring the appropriate medication to our fellow citizens.

There is only one appropriate solution, it is to play to the people of this generation the voice in order for them to be under the shelter against the coming judgement while this same voice will condemn them if they don’t.

To fulfill this task, we started in the city of Goma with a few devoted missionaries. We went on the streets of every corner of the city, playing the voice, seeking predestinated seeds that will recognize the voice and come home.

Here we were today with a great harvest of men and women who were attracted by the voice of the prophet of Revelation 10:7, the voice of the Seventh Angel.

In Goma, this voice has become familiar to the population. Everyone has its own judgement about the voice, but for the elected, the taste of it is deliverance and eternal salvation. It’s a shelter for the judgement to come.


Once they heard the voice, the elected people of God come to see us, and ask to be baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is a proof that the voice of the prophet on magnetic tapes is still living today and keeps producing the same effects today.

God bless you richly.

Brother Kubuya

VGR Goma