The Bad News

How would the headlines have looked 3,500 years ago? All we see is bad news in the press today, and chances are that it has always been that way. How about the criticism of the prophet? Do you think it would have been different back then than it is now? Probably not.

Here are a few headlines that might have been printed if they had newspapers in Moses’ day. Does any of this sound familiar?

Sickness Replaces Famine

The famine is showing signs of letting up, but it has been replaced by a new menace. The unidentified virus is thought to have originated from eating quail, now a staple in our constantly moving, but never getting anywhere, country. Tests are now underway to see the long-term effects of the disease. The rising opposition is pointing this out as just another reason that we should not have forsaken our Egyptian roots. Famine, disease, unrest, war, false prophecies; this is what we get for following a so-called prophet. The days of the prophets ended with Joseph; there will be no more.

Tough Times Ahead For The Hebrews

Korah, the voice of opposition, is again advocating for the rights of the people by pointing out the fact that we have only one food source. What will happen if the manna is not there to gather in the morning? What will two-million people eat? A national crisis of cataclysmic proportions is waiting in the wings. Poor planning has brought us to this point, and major reform is needed to get us out.

Scientists are working to isolate the source of the manna, and once identified, then implement modern hybreeding techniques to provide variety and more nutrition to our dangerously one-dimensional diet.

The Water Has Run Out!

Panic is spreading throughout the country as the last water pots are running dry. Researchers have found no water sources within 40 miles of our current location, which means that up to a million people could lose their lives within weeks. Joshua and Caleb, the blindly-loyal followers of Moses, continue to try to calm the uneasy crowds who see no other solution than to bring criminal charges against Moses, and finally return to the green fields of Goshen. They are telling us to have faith, but what good is faith when we have no water to drink?

Moses A Racist?

Racist undertones are echoing loud and clear in Moses’ sermon yesterday. “An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD.” Civil Rights activist and prophet, Balaam, is responding by encouraging Hebrew parents to integrate their children into Ammonite and Moabite gatherings. He preaches that we will never break down the walls of separation that people like Moses are promoting, until we learn to open our minds to modern ways of life. After all, aren't we all the same? 

The Bride has a little different perspective on things. Here is a little Good News we received from a brother in Cameroon.

God bless you!

I’m sharing this little testimony with the help of God.

Since I was always on internet, sometimes forgetting to open the VGR website, I took a commitment with God that from now on, when I would open internet on my computer, I would first read the Quote Of The Day before opening other news websites from the world. I honored this commitment for months, until last week. During the week, Thursday or Friday, I opened my computer and went directly to the news of the world. Suddenly, I suffered from serious headaches, and I wondered where that was coming from. When I started to pray, I remembered that I had not started by the VGR website to read the Quote of the Day. I asked God to forgive me, and I went on the VGR website. I didn’t pray for the headaches, and I took no medication, because I understood what was the problem.

I thank the Lord Jesus for watching over us to help us growing in our love for Him!


Thank you, our dear brother. The bad news gives us headaches too.

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