The Little Things

Our Lord Jesus is a mighty God that does mighty things. As we all know, He created the worlds, He created life, He parted the Red Sea, and most importantly, He saved the lost.

But He is also a tender, loving Father who cares about the little things in His children’s lives. We should never forget to thank Him for everything He does.

The following is a testimony from a Brazilian sister who would like to give God the glory for a little thing He did for her and her family.

Good afternoon in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Praise the Name of our God.

Last night I noticed that my refrigerator had stopped working. I was disappointed because I do not intend go into any debt, and since I do not have the money to buy a new refrigerator, the solution would be to send payments, which is customary here in Brazil. This would take me a few months to pay off.

Soon I remembered the testimonies, including one that was published on branham.org here in Brazil on a refrigerator. So I put myself into action and prayed to the Lord, and also put the prayer handkerchief over it that I received days ago.

Today I woke up and heard the Daily Bread. I prayed and went to see the refrigerator; it was not running. Then I prayed and put the handkerchief on the motor, and waited for the Lord to act.

Later, after realizing that we would have to buy another, I said to the Lord, “I believe that the refrigerator of the mother-in-law of Brother Branham really stopped. And the Lord provided. Even, so the refrigerator of our brother from Brazil burned. And the Lord provided. Even if mine does not work again, I believe that for You, nothing is impossible. You can do everything.”

I took the food out of the freezer and put it in a box of Styrofoam, and asked my husband to take it to my mother's house. He could ask her to put it in her freezer until we get another one.

I opened the door of the refrigerator to remove the rest of the food. When I crouched and began to pick up the potatoes, at the same time that my husband started the car in the garage, the refrigerator turned on and started to work.

It filled my soul with gratitude, our God is so kind.

I just love Him. God bless you.

Sister Aparecida Oliveira

Sister Aparecida, thank you for your testimony. That refrigerator will probably one day fail for good, but your faith in a living God can be applied every day as long as we are on this earth.