New YF/CC Translated Websites!

This is a special news release to notify ALL French and Spanish speaking youth that the YF and Cub Corner(CC) websites are now translated into the French and Spanish languages! Yes, you've heard correctly, YF articles, YF tape quizzes & quotes, Cub Corner "How We Do It" Videos, CC articles and more have been translated so that you too can enjoy the blessings.

The countless request from international youth desiring to take the tape quizzes in their own language has now become a reality. You no longer have to use Google Translator to read the articles on YF and CC. Even the English speaking kids will love the way Happy, Gramps, Noodle and Drumstick talk in their newly learned languages!

This has been a desire on Brother Joseph's heart for many years now, as there were thousands of French and Spanish speaking youth who could not benefit from the sites. Now we've finally got it up and running, and we pray it is a blessing to you.

There are still a few categories remaining to be translated, such as the CC News and Story Videos and CC Story Articles, but Lord willing many of these will be translated and posted over the next few weeks. Things like Cub Corner trivia and games will also be soon to follow. Please note that only the quizzes from messages already translated in their respective languages will be translated.

Thank you for patiently waiting over the years for us to meet your many requests.