On the Distribution Trail #1

Brother Francisco Viramontes, VGR office manager in Monterrey, Mexico hit the distribution trail to the northern part of the country, distributing the new Spanish material in the states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Sonora, and the city of Vicam.

After this trip, the team had reached over 12,430 miles, covering all the north of Mexico, from Tijuana, Baja California, to Matamoros, Tamaulipas, traveling to mountainous locations of 9,000 feet above Sea Level.

When all was complete, they had delivered about 6033 Message books, visited about 200 addresses, ranging from churches with over 300 members, to small groups of two or three. In his own words, Brother Francisco states, "There is no difference in the burden that God had set on my shoulders of bringing The Message to all of them. It has been almost six months traveling going and coming distributing Eternal Life to the brethren in Northern Mexico."

The following is the first of three-part report we will cover this week.

Missionary Trip Report to Coahuila, Chihuahua, and Sonora

Friday December 1st

God bless you all. Brother Ricardo Guerra and his wife, Sister Raquel, accompanied me in this trip. 

We left Monterrey, heading to the Sierra of Carranza in the northern of Coahuila. Our first stop was at Muzquiz. After 360km (220 miles), we refilled the diesel tank and visited a lady named Martha Rivera, sister of Brother Jaime Rivera, doing our best to encourage her and her family to come to the Lord while there is still time to do it.


Later we continued other 130km (80 miles) on paved road, to El Melon (the melon in English), a one house ranch, where we left the paved road and then continued driving off road, 70km (43 miles), for almost 3 hours, before arriving at Brother Jaime Rivera's house at 7pm.

He and family received us very well, invited us to supper, and assigned us a place to spend the night. Brother Jaime's home has only two rooms, the bedroom and the kitchen/dinning room. As a result of this, Brother Ricardo and wife spent the night in the house with Brother Jaime's family and his parents in law, I had my room prepared in the vehicle, as I was prepared with some blanquettes and all what I needed to have a comfortable room, and spent the night in the cargo area of the vehicle.

Saturday December 2nd

During this day we talked with Brother Jaime and his family about The Message. His daughters were so happy with the Cub Corner Magazines, they know every detail in each one magazine they had received so far.

I mentioned to Brother Jaime about the Agapao Tablet, what the Lord had provided to us in order to spread the Message more easily around the world, bringing the Voice to the Spiritual Seed of Abraham in their own language, as soon as we had new translations. He was with high expectations about what he was about to receive. What a privilege! They were receiving one of the first Agapao Tablets delivered in the world.

I also showed to them the Agapao Hero Edition, allowing them to use both versions. As we were talking, his daughters were surfing on my Hero Edition Tablet. They found the Cub Corner Magazines, then read all of them, and later found the Brother Branham videos and played them. Brother Jaime's parents-in-law are not that interested in the Message, but seeing that this was a video, the mother-in-law seemed interested in knowing what it was that about, and got closer to the girls. Then we placed the tablet on the dining table, and all of us were watching God's prophet in action.

After the video we testified to them about the wonders that God is still doing to many of them that are listening to the tapes. Just as it was in the video, God is still working today, healing the sick, delivering the captives, and more than that, calling His Children to His Word and healing their souls.


Sunday December 3rd

In the morning we went to look for Brother Rigo, a brother-in-law to Brother Jaime, at the village named Carranza. This was the second time we visited Carranza, and as the first time, we didn't find him. He was not at his home in town. Then we moved to the entry of his ranch in the foothills, but the gates were closed and locked. Then we moved back to Aguachile, where we continued testifying to the family of Brother Jaime.

About 2pm we left Brother Jaime, heading to Camargo, through the east of Coahuila. One more time, a portion of the road was paved, then we left the paved road and went off the paved road over about 150km (93 miles) of rough road. Then we arrived at Hercules, where we refilled the diesel tank, and from where the road was much better, arriving at Brother Carlos Rivera's home in Camargo about 10pm. We spent the night there.


Monday December 4th

While we were there, Brother Carlos' nephew, Lo-Ammi, 20 years old, visited. He had a wasted life, bad companies, and bad results in his thinking and living. He had heard a lot of the Message and the Bible, for his grandpa always talked to him when he was a child. We had fellowship with them, encouraging them to keep pressing with God's Word. Brother Carlos told us about a denominational brother who he has shared the Message with, and asked us to talk to him. The best pretext was inviting him to go deer hunting, as they love to hunt. They made arrangements that night, so we went to the wilderness area eastern Camargo city. While riding in the vehicle, I was talking to Lo-Ammi about God's Word. He knows very much of the letter, has much knowledge of it but without the living Word, and he knows it. We talked for about two hours, facing the reality that one day will be our last; one time will be the last when you could reject God's mercy, and then nothing else could be done. Rejecting grace is facing judgement.

We found no deer and then went back to Brother Carlos's home, still talking about God's Word. Then all at once, Lo-Ammi asked me what he has to do in order to receive God in his heart. I answered what Peter said, repent and be baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, then keep feeding the soul with God's Word, the revealed Word for this day, the Message.

Once at Brother Carlos's we continued talking about The Word. Now with a Bible in hand, showing him that what he just heard is in God's Bible, the thing now was to find a place where to baptize to Brother Lo-Ammi.

Tuesday December 5th

In the morning we got ready to continue with the trip. The next stage is Mesa Colorada, at the mountain between Sonora and Chihuahua. Lo-Ammi remained sleeping, so we thought that if God was calling him, He would move him and pull him out of bed.

We finished getting everything in the vehicle, and were just about to say goodbye when Lo-Ammi came and asked us to take him to the river, in order to give his life to the Lord Jesus.

So we went to a river close to the house of Brother Carlos. Brother Ricardo, Brother Lo-Ammi, and I. The weather was cold, about 7ºC (44F), but this didn't stop to Lo-Ammi in this decision. He and I entered the water, and I baptized him in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. After this we went to Brother Carlos' home and changed clothes. I handed some Messages to Brother Lo-Ammi (I wanted to call him Ammi), invited him to read these in certain order, and just before we left, gave him also a microSD card. Brother Lo-Ammi started to read the Message 62-1231 "The Contest." I can testify that he showed a change, now more concern about his life and much more interested in doing things right.


After the baptism we said goodbye to Brother Carlos' family.

Heading to Chihuahua City, we left Sister Raquel, as she was traveling to visit a relative at Nuevo Casas Grandes. Later Brother Ricardo and I moved to Yécora, Sonora, where spent the night.

We look forward to posting the second part of this missionary trip, about using the Agapao Tablet to search out answers in Spanish, about the mysterious and guarded Yaqui people, and testifying of how Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and He is still a healer.