The Little Things

If I had a need of it, I believe if I'd ask Him, He'd tell me. But first, you see, your motives and objectives has to be right. You have to have reasons for this. God don't give you those things just because you ask. And you cannot ask in faith unless there's a real objective to that, to be in the will of God. See, if you want to be well, what do you want to be well for? See, if you want to be healed, what's the reason you want to be healed? What are you telling God? What do you want to do with your life when you get healed? See, there's got to be…you've got to have a motive and objective, and they have to be right according to the will of God. And then's when the faith is revealed to you, and God by His sovereign grace places that faith in there, then it's over.

65-1127E I Have Heard But Now I See

Whether it is big or small, ALL good things come from God. We received this testimony from a sister in Australia who had a relatively small need, but we know that God answers the little things too.

I want to share a short testimony that occurred this evening. I was going to Skype (video conference) with my sister in Canada and talk to her before going to bed. Well, just after we started to talk my laptop went out, because the battery was low and I had not connected the charger. It has done this before many times when I forget to connect the charger. But as always, I just put in the charger and switch it on as normal.

So, I put in the battery charger and switched it on. But when I turned it on this time it didn’t go to the log-in password page. It was just a blank green screen with some writing at the right hand bottom of the screen and nowhere to type in my log-in password so I could get to my desktop. So I switched it off again, then turned it on again, and it went to the same blank page. I tried it a few times and just the same thing happened.

I kept thinking I can do without it tonight and play sermons on my mobile the whole night instead of my laptop, which I normally do every evening. Then I thought, what if it does the same thing tomorrow, being a Sunday, and that’s when I really need my laptop to check what sermons the Branham Tabernacle is playing for that day and listen to them on my laptop. I said I can’t allow that to happen. I said, “Lord I’ve only ever used my laptop for blessed reasons as listening to sermons, visiting branham.org and branhamtabernacle.org, and needful everyday things like emailing my timesheets to work. I’m so grateful for the Lord providing this laptop for me that's been such a blessing in listening to the Message each day.

I remember even praying over my laptop with a prayer cloth, dedicating it to the Lord when I had bought it. So I told the devil he has no right over my laptop and my Lord is a very present help in a time of need. I laid my hands on my laptop and thanked the Lord that it will be well.

Well, praise the Lord when I switched it on again, it went to the log-in page and I was able to type in my password and get to my desktop. Praise God!