Only Believe

If I come here to Phoenix in the name of a prophet, and I do not the things that a prophet does, then don’t believe me. But if I come in the Name of the Lord Jesus, in the name of prophecy, and as His servant, and I do the things that is written of His servant, then you believe me. Will you do that?

47-1102 The Angel Of God

Dear members of the Bride of Christ, I would like to share a testimony of the healing of my heart a few days ago. Our life is always made up of paradoxes, events and things that God does in our lives, which are inexplicable.

Earlier this year I went to the cardiologist, and he told me that I should do several tests to see how my heart was, because a few years ago I felt a lot of pain in my chest. I suffered from some fainting, and I got tired very easy.

Two months later, I returned to the cardiologist to perform these tests, and to my surprise a month later, the doctor gave me the exams. It was reported that I had a failure in the mitral valve of my heart. I left the office very shaken but not defeated.

Sometime later, I was in the sitting in our church listening to our prophet preach on paradoxes. He explained everything about what are paradoxes and how they happen. In this worship our prophet had announced that we would have a prayer line, and that those who did not have a prayer card to go to the altar, to take his faith where we were and raise our hands.

After he had finished the message that night, he called the prayer line. I had placed in my heart that I would leave that service with my fully healed heart.

When our Brother Branham began the prayer line, I signed my faith in the prophet that God had sent us. My heart filled with tears when he called me to pray for my heart. The prophet discerned my problem, then he called by my name. I shouted aloud, "Glory to God, I am healed in the Name of the Lord Jesus!"

Here, that you might know, I seen something else, an examination; got heart trouble, too. Raise your hand. Mr. Anderson, you can go home now, Jesus Christ will make you well. That’s right. Just believe, have faith. Don’t doubt.

65-0117 A Paradox

I could not hold myself in that moment. I felt a hand crossing my body and taking out that flaw that was in the vein of my heart, and taking it far away.

Praised be the Name of the Lord. I am eternally grateful to be a part of this small group of the Bride of Christ, and I can say that our Lord is very good to us. The days of miracles have not passed, and this Message is very much alive in our hearts that burn like an ember within us.

God bless all of you, my brothers and sisters, to feed on this Message every day.

Brother Anderson Jardim Aurelia Campinas