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Heavenly Father, tonight, as we're so happy to know, at the opening of this Hebrew Letter, how Paul went right back into the Gospels. He just wouldn't take it upon a hearsay or upon an experience. He wanted us to know what was Truth. And he went right back into the Gospels, and he... back into the Old Testament, the Gospel that was preached to them. And he seen, through the Old Testament there, all the shadows and types. That's why we got this great Book of the Hebrews tonight. And we see It, Lord, and we love It. And through ages, It's been burned, It's been scattered, It's been tried to be done away with, but She waves on just the same. For Thou hast said, "Heavens and earth shall pass away, but My Words shall not."

57-0821 Hebrews, Chapter One

The French translation of the sermons preached by Brother Branham on the Book of Hebrews has been available online in audio and PDF formats for several years. However, many French-speaking people were asking for the printed book. There are nearly 2,000,000 French believers in the whole world, so you can imagine the number of requests we were getting!

We are happy to announce that the Lord has permitted us to print this eagerly awaited book, containing a total of 11 sermons. Brother Branham said that the Book of Hebrews is "one of the most deepest, richest Books of the Bible." We know it will be a real blessing to the French Bride around the world.

If you want to order your copy of this book, it is now available online for $7.50 each. One special bit of information about the Hebrews book is that the cover is a scan of Brother Branham's personal Bible. 

Now, we're studying the Book of the Hebrews. It's been... Oh, it's one of the most deepest, richest Books of the Bible. I tell you, it's a Book that really will... If God permits, and we just get down into this, I believe we'll find golden nuggets till we'll just shout the praises of God all the time.

57-0821 Hebrews, Chapter One

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