Kenya Distribution

The Kenya team just returned from the western part of the country and one of the single, largest Agapao Tablet distributions ever made by VGR. The brothers were on the road for 23 days, distributing 2,522 Tablets to 155 churches.

Here is their report:


Even though we had been away from our loved ones for three weeks, when we think of the need that lays ahead of us, as the VGR team here in Kenya, of getting this Message out into the hands of the believers, it truly is something that is worth doing. And we always feel very privileged to be a part.

It is so exciting to know that so many believers in this part of the world will have a privilege of having everything that they need to sustain them in these trying times in the palm of their hands.

We played the tape 63-0818 The Uniting Time And Sign during this leg. It was a blessing to many especially considering the fact that we merged many churches from different doctrines in one venue; the message was timely.

We always loved to let our prophet be the first to speak before we did and by playing the tape it really brought our message clear that we have no other motive but to bring that Voice to the people.

The believers here have come to appreciate all the efforts that you brothers there are doing. They all enjoyed the videos in the presentations especially the ones where Brother Joseph was speaking. His vision and desire were clear to many and they all heard him saying that the greatest desire of his heart has been to give the Bride EVERYTHING, every translation and every recording.

They were so elated too with the fact that someone, somewhere, sponsored their tablets, and that fellow believers made it possible for them to have it because of God's great love for His People. They told us to say a BIG “thank you” to Brother Joseph and all that sponsored the tablets.

Nearly all of the believers in these regions will now have such an opportunity of having everything for the first time in their lifetime.

We felt led to serve these two regions (Bungoma and Busia County), because these are the counties that have the greatest number of churches and a good number of needy believers in the country.

Below is a short summary of Our Agapao Leg 6 Distribution Trip.

  • We distributed 2,522 Agapao Tablets.
  • We served 155 Churches.
  • We distributed a TOTAL of 40 Swahili Micro Sd card to the youths that were the only believers in their family.
  • We gave Out a TOTAL of 35 Tablet Charging cables from a Car battery.
  • We Played the Tape called 'Uniting time and Sign" during this Leg.
  • Of the 5,000 tablets that we received in June we have so far distributed 4,661.
  • Since we started with Leg 1 until Leg 6, we have served a TOTAL of 295 Churches.
  • We never ceased to remind them to keep pressing PLAY.
  • We always mention the Lifeline app, especially "The Voice Radio” feature and VGR WhatsApp.