Malawi Distribution: Part 1

The following is the first of a two-part missionary report from Brother Saidi, VGR Office Manager in Malawi, of a recent distribution trip.


Malawi is one of the countries in Southern Africa that has benefitted massively from the work of Voice Of God Recordings. VGR has provided to the Malawi nation thousands upon thousands of recorded Tapes and printed Message books both in English and other languages.

The Voice of God Recordings, Malawi office has also over the years been involved in the Tape Outreach ministry throughout the country. This has been one of the most effective missionary works in the country as far as history is concerned. The VGR team has been to remote and market places, playing the Voice of the Seventh Angel on Tape to the people of all walks of life, and through those efforts hundreds and hundreds of people have been baptized in water; after being magnetized by the power of the tape message.

Over the years, a gap existed; we never knew how to fill it up the gap.

After hundreds and hundreds of people were converted by a tape, and baptized in water in the Name of the Lord Jesus, they never heard that unique Voice again that converted them after being referred to a nearby Message church within their community. This created a big gap and questions without answers.

Ever since news was announced a few years ago about the Agapao Tablets, the Believers in Malawi had great expectation and were eager to receive them, and they continued checking our office on the progress of the same. In 2020, their long-awaited expectation the fulfilled, and a shipment containing the Agapao Tablets arrived; their hearts were filled with excitement, joy and happiness. Every believer was anxious and wanted to know when the VGR team would be visiting their church, loaded with the most precious cargo, carrying the Revealed Word of the Hour.

Finally, Brother Joseph approved the commencement of the first-ever distribution of the Agapao Tablets in Malawi.

Speedily, we started working on the distribution logistics, and we decided to start with the Central region of Malawi. We then selected a few churches to benefit from the first consignment. This was one of the most difficult determinations to make, but it had to be done. We hired a box truck to move the 2300 Agapao Tablets to the Central region and pickup truck to help with the distribution work.

A team of 5 members arrived in the Central Region, and camped in Lilongwe at a lodge, ready to undertake distribution of the Spiritual Food in Due Season. Each member of the team was inspired to do his own assigned responsibility, and it was very inspiring to see how every one was at their post of duty.

The distribution itself was unlike anything ever experienced before in the many years of distribution of the Message materials to believers. It was a sacred, and inspiring work, and at each church believers would all sit at the edge of their chairs; one could hear their hearts whispering in disbelief, ‘is it True we are having Tablets today?’

We will post the second part of this article later this week.



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