The Promise Of Healing

We received the following testimony from a brother in Canada who was suffering from a painful condition in his breast.

I would like to share my testimony with the Bride of Christ, for the glory of our God. In January 2019, I noticed my left breast was swollen and really itchy all the time, and throughout the day it was getting more and more painful. After three months, it was unbearable and I finally decided to go to the emergency room in March 2019.

The doctor ran some tests (ultrasounds) and then talked with me. She said that the results would have to be sent to a specialist, but she didn't tell me what the sickness was! She said that I could go back home, and that the doctor's office would give me a call to set an appointment.

Come April, the specialist’s office called to set an appointment in May 2019. Meanwhile, my left breast had swollen to the point where it looked like a woman's breast, and I was constantly scratching it because it was really itchy.

In May, I went to see the specialist and she also did some exams. She told me this, “Sir, the sickness you suffer from cannot be cured by medication; you need surgery. I'm not specialized in that type of surgery, so I will need to refer you to another specialist. Also, your insurance will not cover this surgery, so you will have to pay for it with your own money. The surgery will be in three months (August). Before you leave, you will need to go through these tests (ultrasounds, mammography, etc.).” I went through all those tests and we set an appointment for the 28th of August, 2019.

When I got home, I thought of how Brother Branham says that sickness is just demons, and it is God who heals. I went on branham.org to order a prayer cloth, and I found an article from Brother Joseph asking the Bride to pray every day, three times a day, according to the recommendation of our prophet, Brother Branham in the sermon 59-0419A. To pray for our sickness and for this ministry really stimulated me. Each day, I would pray for my case and for all our beloved who are also afflicted with sickness, and for this ministry.

At the beginning of June, I received my prayer cloth and I applied it as instructed by the prophet William M. Branham. As I pressed play, the prophet said this, “Now let us bow our heads. And if you're in radio land, have your handkerchief laying there, just put your own hand upon it while we pray.” (59-0419A). After the prayer of the prophet, I went about my day normally, not forgetting to pray three times a day.

Days passed and every time I got out of the shower, I checked in the mirror to see if I was getting better. One day, I remembered an article published on the VGR website. In that testimony, Brother Branham had prayed for a sister and she went home, but kept checking in the mirror every day to see if her sickness had gone. Another sister had told her to stop looking in the mirror, because Brother Branham had prayed for her, so she was already healed. My beloved, the day of the appointment came (August 28, 2019) and I went to see the doctor, where I was supposed to take some more tests and get the results of the exams I had taken back in May.

The doctor saw me in her office and she started the diagnosis, but she noticed that both of my breasts were the same size, without any swelling on the left side. She shook her head and looked at the results. That's when she said, “Sir, what did you do? Even the previous tests are negative! No, no, I don't believe this. You will need to go through all those exams again, and I will call you back in one month.”

A month later, she called me but I couldn't get to the phone. She left a voicemail saying, “Sir, you don't have to come back and see me, there is nothing wrong with you anymore.” From that time, I am in perfect health. BLESSED BE THE NAME OF OUR LORD, FOREVER MORE.

Your brother Jean,