The Little Things

What man calls great, God calls foolish. And what man calls foolish, God calls great. So what we've got to do is get back into the program of God and find out, after all, what God wants us to do. And the only way I know to do it is prayer. Prayer is the key, that's the answer. Prayer changes things. Prayer is the most powerful weapon that was ever put in the—the control of human beings. There's no atomic bomb, or no hydrogen bomb as powerful as prayer.

61-0207 Expectation

Brother Branham told us, “One thing we can't do is pray too much.” If it is a crisis, a little problem, or even just taking a moment to tell Father you love Him; it’s always a good time to say a prayer.

This sister’s testimony is a good reminder that the Lord doesn’t forget any request we bring before Him. Do you have a request? Ask Father about it and watch what He does!

Regards in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I'm here to tell you brothers about a blessing that happened a few months ago. I use a hearing aid because I had a hearing loss when I was a child. This equipment is really expensive, so it was difficult to buy one.

One day I was at school, and the battery had died on it. So I took off my hearing aid off and put it on my bag. When I arrived home and looked on my bag, the equipment wasn't there anymore! I became desperate. I had lost it on my way back home.

I went down on my knees and prayed; it was the only thing I could do. Some weeks passed and I, with my little faith, was thinking that my hearing aid was lost. Then I received a phone call from my mother, and she said that my hearing aid was found!

It was on my grandmother's house on the sidewalk! There's no way I could have lost it there, because I am sure I wasn’t at my grandma’s house the day that I lost it.

God works in mysterious ways, and I'm so thankful for it. I truly don’t deserve it.

Praise the Lord!

Sister Alana