The Little Things

When a couple is engaged to be married, they share many intimate messages between each other. It may be a hand-written note, a surprise flower, or a few words quietly whispered, but each little message says the same thing: “I love you.”

Our Bridegroom does the same thing, and we should never overlook His tender words to us. The following testimony is from a member of the Bride of Christ who is not overlooking the Bridegroom’s love letter.

I would like to share a special visitation I had on Sunday, January 5, 2020 while streaming 65-1128e “On The Wings Of A Snow White Dove.” As Brother Branham began speaking about doves and pigeons, a beautiful band-tailed pigeon landed in the bird feeder dish directly in front of where I was sitting in the back room of the house, looking out at the ponderosa forest in the Arizona White Mountains.

I could not understand how he could be there in January? With temperatures dipping down into the low teens through low 20's (-11C to -7C). As migratory birds, band-tailed pigeons are only supposed to be present from late March through mid-October!

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