Do You Fear Cancer?

1 Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name.

2 Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:

3 Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;

The prophet taught us to go to the doctor and listen to our doctors, but when medical science can do no more, then the Great Physician steps on the scene.

Shalom Saints, I would like to share my testimony to the glory of God. The Great Physician healed me of stage 4 breast cancer!

It all started late 2017, I had gone to the doctor for a different complaint and casually mentioned that I noticed what looked like a lump (more like a big insect bite) on my left breast. The doctor examined it and sent me for a mammogram and biopsy, just to err on the side of caution.

I went in for the mammogram/biopsy appointment not expecting to hear back from them as it is said, “no news is good news,” and I did not hear back from the clinic until I went to my family doctor a few days later to follow-up my initial complaint. It was then he told me that the biopsy results had come back positive for cancer. I was very shocked. I did not say much; I was just staring at him.

He began to explain the diagnosis and results to me. The doctor, being a Pentecostal Christian and knows I am a Christian as well, went on to read from the Bible to me from the book of Job Chapter 13, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him…” I still did not say anything, but my thoughts were, “My God heals cancer, and this has been demonstrated repeatedly in the ministry of our prophet, William Branham.”

Just before this time, I had changed jobs and moved to a new city and the doctors had to do the tests all over again, and I was praying earnestly that the results would show no cancer. The new doctor confirmed it was triple negative cancer (stage 2) and he recommended surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation as this was a very deadly cancer with a poor outlook of less than 15% survival rates.

Whenever the doctors gave me all the negative statistics, I would remember this testimony Brother Branham shared in the message “Calling Jesus on the Scene" – 64-0319 and many others. I would say to myself, “I am looking at Divine promise” and one of such promise - Isaiah 53:5 - says by His stripes, I am already healed.

I did the surgery and they did a pathology analysis. They said the lymph nodes were free of cancer, so the probability that it had spread to other parts of the body was significantly lower, and I decided not to go through with chemotherapy and radiation. My family and I kept praying and believing that I was cancer-free.

In July 2018, I went for a routine check and got another shock that the cancer had recurred, and this time it had spread to the lungs and was thus called stage 4 triple negative breast cancer. The prognosis was even grimmer: one year to live, there was no cure, and any form of treatment would be palliative (relieving pain without dealing with the cause of the condition) until the end.

At this point, I sent a request to VGR to pray with me, and I kept praying earnestly. I also downloaded many more messages from The Table to my phone and would play different messages continuously through the night. Many times I would wake up to Brother Branham praying for someone with cancer, and I would join in or he would be ending the service and would say “rise to your feet everyone” and I would jump out of my bed, raise my hands, and join in the prayers. I kept believing that my next scan would yield favorable results.

I did two scans (September and December 2018) and both still showed two spots in the lungs. I kept asking the oncologist if anything could be done, because I felt that the lump in my breast was growing, but he kept saying that because the cancer had spread to the lungs, there was nothing to do but palliative care.

I began to pray that God would take away the cancer spots in my lungs by my next scan, and He did just that! In February 2019, another scan was done to check the progress of the cancer or lack thereof (as it were) and a different oncologist came in that day and said, “Good news, Sarah, the spots in the lungs are no longer there!” But they would have to do another scan in two months to be sure of the new results. I almost screamed out loud in the doctor’s office! I knew then that it was over. Oh my God! Who am I, that Thou art mindful of little me?

I have had to undergo another surgery and three other scans, which have also reported no spots of cancer in my body, and the same oncologist, who once told me I had one year to live, said to me last November (16 months later), “Congratulations Sarah, you made it!”

I know the Lord God healed me and I am so grateful. God bless you.

Sister Sarah