Testimony Of Grace

Miracles, healing of the sick, raising the dead: sure these all speak to the power of the Gospel. But what is more powerful than seeing a life changed? A soul once bound for hell, now bound for Eternity is the greatest miracle.

Here is a testimony of God’s Grace to a 92-year-old grandmother, who once lived an ungodly life. Everything changed when she found Christ. Now she is soft and meek, filled with the Spirit of God, and a witness to the love of God in her old age.

This is a testimony of a grandmother, who was always difficult to handle and suffering from bad dementia.

The grandmother, named Daphne, had not been seen or heard from for the last eight years, when she was taken away by her own daughter to a farm more than a thousand kilometers away in the Transvaal.

On the 14th of September Grandma was dropped off unannounced at her daughter-in-law’s (Audrey) house in the Cape, weighing a mere 33kg (73 pounds). They also gave Sister Audrey a bag full of medication which she took to her doctor the next day to find out what the tablets all were for. The doctor told her it was basically tranquilizers and blood pressure tablets, which the grandmother definitely did not need, so they stopped it immediately.

Her daughter had stated she was no longer able to accommodate her mother and had thus brought her to Audrey, but we believe it was for other reasons, the main one been that she needed the Lord in her late life.

Grandma had been an extremely difficult lady all her life, almost impossible to talk to and very demanding.

A week after she had been dropped off, while Audrey was feeding her, she continued to say she was going to die and going to hell. This prompted Audrey to ask her, “But why do you say so Grandma?” To which she replied that she just knows it!

Audrey remembered Brother Branham said if you know a person is dying, they should be given the opportunity to make it right with the Lord. This led her to ask if she wanted to get her life in order, to which she replied “Yes.” Audrey and her sister led her in a prayer of repentance and then prayed further for her. They told her the next step was that she needed to be baptized. She said, “Yes, I want that.”

Grandma had always refused the thought of getting baptized, as she had a dread of drowning and could not stand the thought of water being over her head. When asked at age 77, she refused and had said, “Never, as I’m too old anyway, and do not want water over my head.”

Three hours later, Audrey thought because of grandma’s dementia she would not remember so to check and see if she recalled what had transpired. She asked, “Grandma, can you remember what happened a while back?” To which she replied, “Yes I do” in a very clear mind. Audrey said, “You do realize that when you are baptized you are immersed in water; your whole body and your head are also under water?” She replied positively, “Yes, I want that.”

Arrangements were made for the next morning (3rd October 2016). As it was too cold that evening, they told her they would baptize her the next morning. She said, “Please don’t forget!” A little while later they thought she was dying, but the thought came to Audrey that what Brother Branham had done for a 92-year-old lady, God could do again for Grandma.

The next morning, we asked her again if she remembered what had happened last night, and that she was going to be baptized, she again replied clear and positively, “Yes, and I want that!”

When the assistant pastor arrived, he spoke to her and she recalled everything. He read out of the Bible and told her he would now baptize her, to which she replied, “Please do not let me drown.”

He said not to worry, "I will cover your nose and mouth." And he baptized her, witnessed by 7 persons present.

From that moment on, her nature was changed completely - 100%. Before, she was extremely difficult, very demanding, could not sleep at night and saw spooks, was scared to be alone and scared of dying. Now she is a completely different person, peaceful, apologetic and concerned that she might be a burden to those helping her. She sleeps through the night peacefully and now is looking forward to being with Jesus.

She landed in the hospital three days after been baptized. She told the hospital staff that they must make sure they look properly after her, as Jesus watches them. The doctors, and all the hospital staff paid her far more attention than any other patient because she was so sweet and timid. Something happened.

To God be the glory,

Brother Brian

South Africa

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