On The Distribution Trail #2

Wednesday, December 6th

Early in the morning we left the hotel and refilled the diesel tank, ready to head to Mesa Colorada. We left the paved road onto the 4x4 road up in the mountains.

It is about 74km (46 miles) from the paved road to Mesa Colorada. We usually take three hours, enjoying the sights, going up and down the hills, and crossing ravines at both sides of the road. Finally, we got to Brother Zenon's home.


As soon as we arrived they asked us to have a service; they are hungry for the Word of God. This day Brother Ricardo talked to the people about listening to the Voice Of God, the importance of listening to His Voice, and now with these new technologies we have more access to do it.

We stayed at Mesa Colorada until Saturday, December 9th, teaching the brethren to use the Agapao Tablet and encouraging them to keep pressing on. We know that modern events are made clear by God's Word by His prophet. What we are seeing now is the fulfillment of what Brother Branham told us in the Message, so we must be ready to leave. It is clear that when we first met Brother Zenon and until this point, the light has grown in them, and even more since they received the microSD cards. The Word has become clearer and clearer. They asked us a question, "How can I know that I received the Holy Ghost?" We went to the Message, what Brother Branham said in some Messages from 1964,

…And, see, right before our own eyes, and it's not in a corner. It's world-known. Jesus, the Son of God, revealing Himself by the Scriptures, making that Scripture (that has been predestinated to this day, like it was to that day, and all other days) live. And to believe It, is the evidence of the Holy Spirit.

64-0719M The Feast Of The Trumpets

Using the Agapao Tablet, we could find many other quotes where Brother Branham answers about this.


On Saturday, with heavy hearts, we had to say "till we meet again," now going from the highs in the mountains of Chihuahua to the lows in the valley of Sonora.

We got to Brother Israel Sol in the afternoon, and in the evening we went to visit a brother from his church who we spent hours talking with about God's Message.

Sunday December 10th

Brother Israel Sol asked Brother Ricardo to preach, so he took the Message 65-1204 "The Rapture," focusing the people to read slowly, seeing the details that were hidden in the Scriptures and now are clear because God sent a prophet. Paul spoke the order of the Rapture, but didn't explain it. Then God, fulfilling His Word, sent a prophet and opened all these mysteries to His Bride.

We arrived at Tetabiate, a small Yaqui village, where most of the houses are made of sticks and mud and roofs are made of palm leaves. More than just have a service, we talked to them, testifying of how God had healed many brothers and sisters when they are listening to the tapes. Brother Ricardo told them about the tumor that he had in his lung. He was about to die, and being ready to leave, asked the Lord for help. The Lord granted him his health.

After these testimonies we asked them about a device to install the microSD card so they could get all the Messages that we have in Spanish. They had cell phones to do this, and their faces were simply thankful. Sisters Esmeralda, Betty, their dad, Brother Antonio, all of them where very happy with this special gift.


We just feel concerned about the Yaqui people. They are very humble, poor people. We saw in them that they are hard to talk with, hard to be moved from their beliefs. But, when they see something that looks real to them, they check it deeply. Then if it fits with God's Word, they take it with all their being, a simple, yet strong faith.

We moved back to Vicam, where we spent the night.

We will post the final leg of this distribution trip, about organizing the Agapao Tour and the excitement of using the Agapao tablets, in the days to come.