Letters From Prisoners

We all love to read them! The prison mailbag is one of the most encouraging articles routinely published on this website. It seems to have something for everyone. Here are a few excerpts from recent letters received by our prison ministry. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we did. 

I started seeking God, and I was talking with the chaplain here about getting some instructional books and a King James Bible. He told me to write you, and you would send me something. I have never heard of you, but I am believing that you will send me something that will help and bless me. (We sent the inmate "The Mystery Of God" and "The Messenger" tracts, as well as a King James Bible that was specially printed for our prison ministry.)


It is with great gratitude that I salute you in Jesus Name. God has been most merciful to me on a journey which I feel would have been impossible without your love and prayers for an unworthy sinner that has been saved by Grace. It was the words of our prophet, Brother Branham, that flowed from the printed page into my heart and brought my long dead soul to life. Using the filter of the Word of God, every drop of ink on the pages has become precious to me, as all has been proven beyond doubt. May God have mercy on my soul. 

South Africa

I must have found favor with our Lord, for I had no chance of parole and parole has been granted. I’ve been here over 16 years and had a few to go. I was eligible for parole, but each time I told them that Jesus Christ changed my life. I was told that’s a no, no, but by His grace, I am being released six years early. It all changed with that first book, and I never changed my belief or my testimony, it is the Word of God! I will be reunited with my parents, have a job to go to and a new life ahead of me. Yes, I did wrong. Yes, I repented, and I am sorry for the harm, but I am by His grace a new person. A sinner, yes, but saved by His grace and nothing I or anyone did. Brothers, God bless you, you never failed in your post. The questions I had, you answered with the books. It took a while but I learned, don’t say it unless it’s on the Tape. This makes life simple and pure. I thank God for the ministry.


I’m locked up again, and I can’t quit the drinking. There’s a booklet here called the Mystery of God. I know someone knows what they are talking about. I thought I’d write for more books if you have any and if you have a Bible laying around. I really don’t enjoy my life; I need a new one.


The judge told me there’s only one way I can stay out of jail, that’s find God, “Five years, son!” Well, I thought of his words, and I believed he was right. There was an article tacked on the wall here called, Thank God For Jail. I could think of other things to thank God for, one being no jail. Well, I looked over the article and read it twice. It talked about this guy in this jail who met God and it changed his life. I asked one of the fellows, "What about this?" He said, "Absolutely, that guy changed like overnight. He was a real scrapper; the guards would have to beat him down every week, then one day he talked about a book he read about a prophet coming here and had himself a little library and would just tell everyone about Jesus and His prophet." I was amazed, and I thought about what the judge told me. I asked, “Did he leave any books?” The man said, “No but he carved your (VGR) address on the wall.” So, I have to change and I hope you can help me like him. Send me this book about “A Prophet in South Africa.”

South Africa

Thank God for Brother Branham, he makes the Bible come alive for me. Thank you.


I read one of Brother Branham’s books and thought, I know it all now. I was transferred to another facility and was getting settled in. I asked if they have any religious meetings, as I was a teacher of the Gospels. "We do, a matter of fact tonight, glad to have you." Well, I introduced myself as a teacher, and they were impressed. One stood up and said, "We are studying the Kinsman Redeemer, would you like to tell us what you know?" Well, the book I read said nothing about a Kinsman Redeemer, so I just said, "No, you all start, I’ll just listen." The new guy, you know. Well, they started talking about Ruth, then the serpent, and the price to redeem us. My head was just spinning around, I thought Brother Branham knew a lot, but, well these people, whew. After it was over, someone asked what I thought. I said, "You sure have something I don’t." I said, "See, I read this book by Brother Branham, but it was nothing like you touched on." They all looked at me and laughed, said, "You know he is a prophet that he brings the Word of God!" I said "Yes, but what you have..." They said, "It’s all Brother Branham, his Revelation of the Seals." I asked, "There is more?" "Oh yes you just started," the group replied. Brothers, this humble brother asks if you can please send me the Seals book and the Church Ages. I am a very young baby in the Truth.


Kind of disappointed to read Brother Branham say that Christmas is not really Christmas, so I started researching, and you know I found out that neither the disciples nor any of them celebrated the birth of our Lord in December. I thought, how in the world did we get so messed up? I asked the chaplain about it, and he just looked at me and shook his head.


I was raised in the church and had a church family. In jail, I started reading a book on the Church Ages and got involved in what I read. I read other books, comparing them to the Bible and what I knew it was the Truth. It was not long before I became a believer and joined the small group that knew Brother Branham as the prophet. That’s when the trouble began. I always wondered what Christ meant saying, “The father shall be divided against the son and the son against the father.” I wonder no more. As soon as I started testifying to my parents, problems started. First, they passed it off as a fad I guess, but as time went by, well let’s just say if I want to see or talk with my parents, I can’t mention Brother Branham. So, when you have a joy in your heart that just wants to get out, you can’t help it. I don’t see my parents hardly at all anymore, gives me more time with my books and more Quiet Time.


Here is the year-end estimate for material shipped out from the Prison Ministry.

Total of 16,200 English packages

Miscellaneous items
Prayer Cloths
CD Packages
YF Books
The Table MicroSD Card

Most requested English Messages
An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages
Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed
The Revelation Of The Seven Seals
The Book Of Hebrews
As The Eagle Stirreth Her Nest

Total of 6,537 Spanish packages

Miscellaneous items
Prayer Cloths
Most requested Spanish Messages
An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages
The Seventy Weeks Of Daniel
The Serpent's Seed
The Church
The Revelation Of The Seven Seals

Shipped Total - Material was shipped to all 50 States and 3 Countries
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