Faith In God

We received the following testimony from a family in Kenya, who stayed with God’s promises no matter what symptoms the enemy placed before them.

In the year 2017 my son John started having seizures at the age of nine years. After taking medications for two years and the condition persisted, the pediatrician advised to take a M.R.I of the brain to find the cause of the uncontrollable seizures.

The scan was done on 30th August 2019 and showed periventricular leukomalacia (brain injury, usually affecting premature infants) in the left parietal lobe. We were then referred to a pediatrician neurologist in an effort to find a solution to the infirmity. All along when going through the trials, I had a prayer cloth which I kept in my Bible since 2017.

The seizures became more severe and John would fall more often, sometimes more than ten times during the day. In our local fellowship we gathered daily for prayer meetings. During one of the days a brother shared with us the article posted on VGR website on 22nd November 2019. That’s when I realized I had not followed the instructions as given by Brother Branham.

This quote came to mind;

Because, if you say you believe, and you don't follow the instructions of the Word, then you don't believe.

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That is when I pinned the prayer cloth that was all along in my Bible to the underneath garment of my John. We confessed our wrongs and prayed with the pastor as instructed. His promises never fail after doing all that God has commanded in His Word in Mark 16 and James 5. Isaiah 53 became our daily bread. Whenever the boy got a seizure, we would lay hands on him and recite, “I can, I will, I do believe, by His stripes John was healed,” until he returns to normalcy. “These signs shall follow them that believe” says the Word.

On 6th December 2019, John was examined by the neurologist. After the electroencephalography (measurement of electrical activity in different parts of the brain), the pediatrician wrote, “No epileptiform discharges or asymmetrics were recorded. Few movements and muscle artifacts were noted.” We are giving God praise for healing our son.

For a period of four days after the examination, his health deteriorated tremendously. At the family altar I realized John could not clap nor sing since he had lost his speech, and the right side limbs were numb. I remember the last stroke of the cane was when our neighbor came to visit us and narrated how a nephew had died with the same condition the previous month. The following quotes gave us comfort.

But, the reason, the people is not instructed. They go away, give up. And that same devil standing right there, to take over again. When God tells you anything on this platform, through His Spirit, when under inspiration, don't you doubt that, or a worse thing will come upon you, He said. For Jesus said, “The last estate of that man was seven times worse than it was at the first place.” Is that right? When the unclean spirit went out of a man, he walked around in dry places, come back with seven other devils. So, don't you disbelieve. Stay right with It. Mean it, from your heart. Say, “No, sir! I'll not be moved! No matter how sick I get, that doesn't have nothing to do with it.” Then, the first thing you know, you'll be getting clear up. Everything will be all right then. See, it's dead. The—the operation that the doctor would have taken from you, that same growth is laying in you, with no life in it.

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The seizures have stopped, his speech restored, and the right limbs are functioning normally. The family and the church is praising God “Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases.” John is still under medication, believing that the present three-month prescription is the last treatment.

I made a promise to God to follow all the instructions, including sending the testimony after John being healed. John is healed and this is a testimony for the glory and praise of our Healer, Jesus Christ.

God bless your hearts.

Sis Mburu