A Modern Book Of Acts

And if the power of God ever puts forth another Church, it’ll be another Pentecost. And another Book of Acts will be wrote behind It, that’s right, because It’s the Church of God.

60-0911e - "Five Definite Identifications Of The True Church Of The Living God"

Do you believe in miracles? Of course you do, or you wouldn’t be visiting this website. When you come to branham.org, you should always expect to read another testimony that could fit perfectly in a modern Book of Acts. This is one of those testimonies.

A few months ago, I had been working on my computer when my vision went black. Completely black. A second ago, I had been typing up a document, and the next thing I knew, I couldn't see. I was petrified!

I called for my assistant, who was working in her office beside mine. "Natasha," I said, my heart pounding in my chest. "I was working on my computer when my vision went black. I think I need to get to the hospital right away." Natasha helped me get into her car and she drove me to the ER.

After getting my vitals checked, the doctor asked me what happened. I told him, and he said he wanted to try an MRI. Once the MRI was done, the doctor said he wanted to do a few more tests to see what was wrong. To make this long story short, Natasha and I stayed at the hospital for several hours, waiting on results.

When the doctor came back, he said he had good news, and, of course, bad news. "Tell me the bad news first," I said, bracing myself. "You have a parasite in your eyes," he said. Natasha gasped and tears sprang into her eyes. "The good news is, we can get rid of the parasite," the doctor continued, "with serious surgery and medications."

While waiting for the doctor to come back, I had called my husband and told him what happened. He was working in America, and couldn't come see me. But he told me that whatever needed to be done, I should do it. So I agreed to the surgery. The surgery was scheduled to be done at 9 the next morning. Natasha and I stayed overnight. I had her text all my friends and let them know what happened. She called my pastor and asked him to pray for me. She called my mom, who we believe has the gift of prayer, and told her to pray. And Natasha and I prayed all night long together.

At about 7 AM, a nurse came in and handed me a new hospital gown to change into. She led me into the restroom and left me to change. Just as I pulled my arms into the sleeves, my vision came back! I could see again! I flew out of the restroom and shouted and praised God.

Of course, the doctor ordered more tests, which meant more waiting. So finally, around 3 that afternoon, the doctor said the parasite simply wasn't there! He released me, and Natasha and I went back to work the next day, praising God. There is nothing too small for God. Not even an eye parasite. I know the wonderful power of God better than I did before my vision had gone. I thank Him every single day. God bless all of you!

Sister Harmony