The Little Things

I’d love to share my testimony with the Bride of the Lord Jesus.

It was in April last year when I went to Mombasa (Kenya) for Easter convention. My phone went off and I tried to check what was the problem, but nothing happened, so I had to use my sister in Christ's phone. I prayed for it.

After the convention was over, we traveled back home. After two days or so, I took the phone back to the shop where I bought it. I explained to the lady who attended to me that my phone could not pick up network. She tried all she could and eventually handed it to repair management.

As I waited a man approached me holding my phone and some papers. He told me the phone would take a whole week to fix. I signed and left, hoping it would be okay.

When the week was over, I went to pick it up, but unfortunately they were not able to repair it. They said I needed to buy another motherboard for $70, which I did not have. I felt so disappointed, but believed that one day it would work. The good thing was that I had 12 messages on the phone, so I'd been listening, repeating them on and on, for months.

Later, I said to myself, “I am a believer.” I laid my hands on it and prayed, because I really needed it, but it did not start working.

A few days later, my daughter and I were singing a song while recording because we want to sing at church, “At the cross....you tore the veil....you made a way...when you said that it is done!” After we finished, I was putting on my baby’s diaper, and when I picked her up, my phone fell on the floor. It blasted such that I thought the screen is totally destroyed and that's the end of it.

I picked up the phone and there was not even a crack. I switched it on and it showed, “no SIM card.” I rushed to the other room, removed my SIM card from a small phone I was using, and put it into the phone which had now been broken for eight months, with no technicians ever able to repair it.

The time of the miracle arrived and it happened. The phone connected to the network and started working. I knelt down and lifted up my hands, giving thanks to my God in Whom ALL things are possible. I never paid anything. The Lord repaired it for me. Halleluiah! I bought bundles (data) after giving thanks to Lord Jesus and downloaded The Table. I can now Press Play and hear the Voice. Now I can access VGR and enjoy everything shared.

God bless you all. Let us believe in Him.

Sis Mary Anne Kimani

Nairobi, Kenya

What a testimony, Sister Mary Ann! A critic may say that the phone hitting the floor somehow fixed what was broken, but no matter how the Lord did it, the Lord still did it! We appreciate you immediately going to your knees and thanking the One who answered your prayer. It is a lesson to all of us that when our Lord does something for us, we should not forget to thank Him, even for the little things.