YF Quizzes: The Benefits

We received the following testimony from a brother who is seeing the benefits of the YF Tape quiz.

Some families from church are starting to get together to do the YF Tape Quiz. We started last Thursday with the Hebrews series. I was praying the Lord to lead me to choose a Message quiz. I asked the Lord for some tapes not too long (because we are just starting and probably the little ones would have trouble) and the Lord guided me to Hebrews.

We surely enjoyed listening to the whole tape together!

Lord willing, next Thursday we will meet again. We invited more people to join us, so we pray next time there will be more.

All the young people from church are more interested to answer the tapes since we received the invitation to attend to the YF event here in Mexico, so we are taking this opportunity to invite them to join us.

The YF Tape Quizzes can be found at this link: https://youngfoundations.org/en/tapequizzes. If you are 0-28, never married, you can sign up for YF at this link: https://youngfoundations.org/en/signup. Make sure to login and submit your scores if you are already signed up.