Completely Whole

Father’s abundant love, grace, and mercy should motivate us to come to Him in prayer with all our needs. You might find long lines at the emergency room, but there are no lines waiting for our Lord Jesus. In fact, He is standing at our door; all we need to do is open that door and let Him in. 

I would like to share what the Lord did for our little girl.

We had a celebration for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary with our whole family together. The kids were running around the big hall we had rented, when our two-year-old daughter, Eden, accidentally ran into the side of a wooden table.

Her mouth was bleeding quite a bit, so I was consoling her and trying to stop the bleeding. Eden's lip was split open on the inside, and my husband, who is a paramedic, said the cut was not big enough for stitches and that it would probably heal quickly in that area. Her left front tooth, however, was broken.

It wasn't just cracked but split in half from top to bottom, and the two pieces of the tooth were slightly misaligned. We got ice on her lip, then my parents and several of my siblings gathered around, and we prayed for her.

As soon as we started praying, Eden quit crying and just relaxed in my arms. Her little five-year-old cousin reminded us how one of her teeth had gotten knocked out, but they put it back and prayed for it, and Jesus had totally healed it. She promised to be praying for Eden's tooth.

It was a Saturday night, so we headed home to put her to bed and planned to get her to the dentist as soon as possible Monday morning. We kept checking on her broken tooth. It looked so strange to see her tooth split in half. Sunday morning Eden had a fat lip, but the cut had healed up a lot during the night.

She fell asleep in church that morning, and I was looking in her half-open mouth, and it looked like she had three front teeth instead of two, with the broken tooth making two smaller pieces. After church, we went back to the hall to have a potluck lunch with my family. I cut Eden's food up very small so she was able to eat it without bumping her tooth, but never looked in her mouth again until after she had finished eating.

We were visiting at the table, and I decided to look in her mouth one more time. I kept looking and looking to try to see the broken tooth, but it looked completely normal. I told my husband to look at it.

At first, we thought possibly the two pieces had moved together from her eating, but there wasn't even a crack in her tooth anymore. He wiggled Eden's tooth, and it definitely was a completely whole tooth again!

Some might try to reason it away, but myself and my husband saw it broken and several others saw it as well. The only explanation is that God touched her tooth in a miraculous way!

Every time I see her little smile, I am reminded of God's great power and His goodness to us.

What a Mighty God we serve!

Sister Amber