Philippines Report

Brother Jeremiah’s Report continued:

The Lighthouse Project

This project has truly been a great blessing to the Message churches and the congregations. Now a greater number of ministers are allowing Brother Branham to speak in their churches because of this project. There have been a total 500 MP3 players and 550 Lighthouse book sets given out to date already. Our deepest love and thanks to you our brothers and sisters in the Lord at the Branham Tabernacle and everyone there who had supported these, and to those too who in one way or another had helped made it possible for these great gifts and blessings to come to the Bride in the Philippines.

Prison Jails and Public Libraries

By God's help, we set up and established library seed materials of over 1,000 books and unspecified number of tracts to 25 prison jails thus far.

We also provided similar seed library materials to 21 city and municipal public libraries in Metro Manila, including the Philippine National Library and Armed Forces of the Philippines Main Library, consisting of a total of a little over 100 bound books. These are government-funded public libraries that are open free to everyone. Books given out to these libraries are intended for lending purposes only to the general public.

Sharing to the Denominations and to the People

A part of our burden of sharing this Message to the public is letting the people in the denominations, especially their pastors, come to know about the Message and its Messenger. On this view, we've done direct mails of books such as, The Twentieth Century Prophet, The Messenger and An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages to about 1,500 denominational ministers to date.

We've also sent "The Messenger" pamphlets to over 700 company executives and businessmen in Cebu City, the second biggest city next to Manila which only has one Message church, compared to Manila which has almost a hundred Message churches. With the same burden in our hearts, we also were led at one time to do a saturation drive to every establishment and buildings in the two major commercial districts in Metro Manila, the Ortigas and Makati business centers, where we had distributed, The Messenger and Tagalog messages to over 1,200 souls in one and a half days. People gave us a very warm and encouraging response.

Message Books to the Bookstores

Over 85 million Filipinos do not know yet about God's provided Way for this end time. That God has sent a Prophet who will restore us back to the apostolic Faith before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. The mainstream public gets their books from the commercial bookstores where all kinds of Christian biographies and religious books are all displayed, except Brother Branham and his Message. We felt led to offer the books, A "Man Sent From God" and "An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages" to all secular and religious bookstores nationwide. To date, we have delivered and displayed these Message books to over 100 secular bookstores nationwide, although we have been turned down in all the Christian bookstores that we've approached.

We don't know if any of those materials have come into the hands of any or just one of the predestinated souls, but we know for sure and believe what Brother Branham said, that this Message was given for every mortal to hear. We don't know who are the fishes or not, as the prophet said, but God knows His own. With this we shall continue to cast the net, by our Lord's help, until He comes.

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