Resurrection In Finland By W. E. Kidson

The following article is gleaned from a letter written by a member of the Branham Party, Jack Moore, to the church of which he is pastor, Life Tabernacle, Shreveport, Louisiana:

"The most welcome visitor of all here is the sun. Existence would be impossible but for it, for we are less than 200 miles from the Arctic Circle. All would be a frozen mass of desolation and death but for the sun. Here, as elsewhere, the stream of crippled, sick and blind flow on to eternity. It is truly a dying world...But we have a Sun whose healing beams reach even here, the Son of God. My, heart cries "Shine on me today," for if it shines not our love is frozen and our feeling for Him and His people congeals in indifference. But may He ever be the bright and morning Star of all my future...for without Him life would be dark and dismal indeed...even in Life Tabernacle!

Yesterday was a great day. I spoke first in morning service and Bro. Lindsay followed. The Spirit helped us; then we prayed for some and God met us. In the afternoon, Bro. Branham, Bro. Lindsay and I and Sister Jacobson, our interpreter, in company with a group of pastors, went on a little sightseeing trip. They took us up on a hill near the city where there is a lookout tower from which we saw the chain of beautiful lakes and countryside, all frozen over. The city of Kuopio has a population of 40,000. The Russians mass-bombed this city in the dead of winter during the war. People of little Finland have suffered much, but they give God glory for their freedom which they now enjoy.

On the tower our friends began to sing some of the songs of their worship. One in particular about Golgotha was so moving that some strangers that were visiting the tower became visibly moved and asked that they sing more. We were all greatly moved and felt the nearness and presence of Him who died on that hill far away. As I sit here in my hotel room, facing the glorious and marvelous sunrise, I realize that my poor feeble mind cannot begin to describe what my heart feels. His love can warm and tender the human heart when nothing else can.

Dead Raised to Life
Kari Holma - Finnish boy raised from dead

On our way down from this mountain we witnessed a sickening sight. A car just in front of us ran over two little school boys about 10 or 11 years old, knocking them down and out. The car left the road. We stopped our car and looked upon the terrible scene. Both boys appeared to be dead, lying perfectly still. We hurried to pick up one and another car carried the other. As I lifted the lifeless form into the back seat where Bro. Branham and Sister Isaacson were sitting, I knew that it was too late to help... his pulse was gone. But as we drove on towards the city, we lifted hearts and voices in prayer, and after a bit we heard Bro. Branham say, "His pulse is beating again."...

Kari Holma - Finnish boy raised from dead

And I immediately remembered the vision he told us about in Miami, Fla., of a little boy being raised from the dead. He hadn't known when or where it would be, but he knew what the little boy would look like. By the time we reached the hospital, the little fellow had regained consciousness and was crying. He was soon sent home, and the other boy is well on the way to recovery. Bro. Branham had a vision about him and said he would live.

Space in Building Rationed

Concerning the meetings, we have never seen it on this wise. Such moving scenes! The people are here from beyond the Arctic Circle, from borders of Red Russia. The building is full, besides a tent erected next to the building. (Think of a tent 200 miles from Arctic Circle.) The streets are full, hundreds standing everywhere for hours. Space inside is rationed by means of cards that allow the person only one time inside, if he can get in. It reminds us of the days when they brought the sick and laid them in the streets of Jerusalem. We still have that vast stream of suffering humanity, as the Lord's attitude is still the same (moved with compassion when he saw the multitudes.) It is only our faith that is different. But here we saw more faith than in most any place yet. The largest crowds stand up for prayer when altar calls are made that we have ever seen.

God has many poor saints here in this north land. After spending a little time in Paris and coming here, I told the group it was like coming out of a dark rat-hole onto the top of a mountain in the sunshine. What a difference where Rome rules and where people are not hood-winked. We wish some days that all of you could be here and see how wonderfully God is working— it would bless you. You are a city built on a hill...Even people in this distant land ask about Life Tabernacle.

Special Message From Brother Branham

We are now preparing to leave Europe for home and the U. S. A. We have had a wonderful trip, and the people everywhere have been kind to us. I wish to report to our friends at home that our dear Lord Jesus has been good to us and given us victory in practically every case of sickness or affliction I have °rayed for 0 how I love Him, and I want to thank our dear Christian friends and fellow citizens of the Kingdom of His dear Son, for your faithful prayers which have meant so much to us. Brother Baxter, Brother Lindsay, Brother Moore, and Howard and I are very grateful to you all. If our Lord Jesus is willing, we are returning to you soon and to serve again in His lovely Name—beginning in a great tent meeting at Chicago during the latter part of June.

I am your Brother in Christian Service,
William Branham

P.S.: I understand that Brother Lindsay is preparing a special 4O-page edition of THE VOICE OF HEALING, which will completely report our trip. (Ed. Note: This issue will be ready by the first of July and will cost 25c.)

Communist Opposition

Tuesday night in Helsinki...We returned yesterday morning from Kuopio to the capitol city of 400 thousand people. At the evening service tonight the building, the largest here, was packed, as it has been from the beginning; and outside in the damp cold, many hundreds, perhaps as many as two thousand, waited patiently just to get a glimpse of Bro. Branham as he came out.

The whole city is stirred, the papers are writing, some for and some against us. Of interest is the Communist paper...it is leading the fight. Of course, we are not anxious to stir them up by fighting back, as we are only ten miles from the Iron Curtain. All of you could appreciate your country more if you stayed here awhile. It seems that half these sick people are plagued with nerves and heart trouble, the strain under which they are now living is so great. One talked to me today who told a very sad story...She just happened to be able to speak English; no doubt there would be many far worse if we were able to understand their language. To see this dying world without being able at the same time to see a Living Redeemer would be too much for us.

My time and space are gone so must say farewell to everyone. I am thinking of your faces as often I do. There isn't space for names, but as Paul said, "You whose names are in the Book of Life": may God give you peace and bless you with Life here and in the world to come. Amen.

Your servant,
Jack Moore.