A Mother Inside A Russian Prison

Greetings to you, dear friends!

I greet you in the love of our dear Shepherd, Jesus Christ the Lord!

By the great grace of God, I got a book of Brother William Branham. I have been much impressed with his messages. This servant of God, he is a prophet. There are no doubts in that – the way he is scolding off the most various denominational orders. I would want very much to get to his services, for even as I read this book, I can hear it as well as it would be happening right by me. I can see sick being healed. I lift up my hands, praying, catching some exhortations from the Lord.

Sure, I understand these Messages were recorded many years ago, but I would want to find out what the Lord has provided for Brother Branham after 1964? Because, you see, the sermon I read is dated of 1956 and then one of 1964. What was his life afterwards? Is his son, Billy Paul still alive? Are there any teachers that have been left after Brother Branham's going? I want to find out of that, because Brother Branham's messages are just precious to us, and they are God's blessing to us and especially for me – the one that's imprisoned.

I was born at 1975. I got two boys: Nikita and Kirill of 9 years and 2 years. I am already 2 years and 4 month in prison, and some 1.5 years ago the Lord sent to me a sister here. She told me about Jesus. I got repented and accepted the Lord into my heart as my Saviour. As I was transferred into this prison here, I have been visiting the meetings that have been held by brothers and sisters here every Saturday, and it continued for a while. For some reason, I don't know why, these meetings and visits ceased. But we're trying to study the Word constantly, building ourselves with literature we got from brothers and sisters, praying for our loved ones. And even more, we have not stalled at some place, but using the full authority given to us by the Lord.

I want to testify, that there are some few people that have been healed by the Power of God, in the Name of Jesus Christ. There are some that got converted. We're trying to evangelize a little. There are really few of those that are trying to seek that Way, and there are just few that are walking in It, but we're praying the Lord would break the women's hearts and bring them to repentance and faith in the Living God. Pray for us, for the Word to spread across and get stronger with us the same as it does with you.

Well, my dear friends, that is about all I wanted to tell to you. May the peace, the grace, and the love of God pour out into your life. If you would send to me Brother Branham's Messages at the Book form (Russian), please.....May the Lord bless you in the Name of Jesus Christ in that and reward you by His great mercy and kindness. Amen.

Greetings to you from all the Sisters of our prison here.

Be blessed.

In Jesus Christ's love,

We can only imagine the pain inside these children’s hearts as they cry for their mother. We can only imagine how the mother worries about her children as she counts down the days to her release. But if the Lord tarries, she will bring a Gift home that will change their path from certain destruction to Eternal Life. And it started within the walls of a Russian prison.