Across The Radio Waves

The recent CTV update gave the testimony of a denominational church in southern Malawi that was recording Brother Branham’s services from a radio broadcast. They then played the recordings in their church.

Brother Saidi, VGR Office Manager in Malawi, received word that another church accepted the Message in a similar way. He recently visited that church to encourage them and tell them that VGR is here to serve them. Many were baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, including the village leader. Here is his report:

Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is very interesting and overwhelming to see how the Voice of God in this hour is still reaching out to the people through the Radio Broadcast. Barely about three months ago, when the first Pentecostal group was baptized after having been following the broadcast of the Message of the Prophet on our local radio, another new group has also embraced the Message.

This new group has been following the Messages of the prophet aired on our local radio station, and finally the church elders phoned the brother who has the burden to put the tapes of the prophet on radio. During our first visit to this church, 34 people were baptized, and I promised them an MP3 player, Chichewa tapes, and books. They were very much excited to realize that for the first time they will be keeping tapes and books in their houses and be able to listen to the Voice of God they have always listened to on the radio, but now on every Thursday, and Sunday. I am very proud to be identified with this work.

We also had some Pentecostal brothers that came from Mozambique. They are also a radio listening group, and they came to make arrangements so that they could be a followed-up as well. This time I only managed to give them books and tapes.

God bless you,

Brother Saidi

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