Prayer Changes Things

In the village called Mkata, near Tanga Tanzania, there were two sisters who believe the end time Message preached by Prophet W M Branham. So it happened that another lady was pregnant for about 11 months. The lady went to see the sisters and tell them of her problem of her pregnancy. It was worrying her so bad, because the baby was two months overdue. Then the sisters asked her if she can only believe, that Lord Jesus can help her. They will pray for her, and she will deliver her baby safely. She replied, “I believe.” The husband of this lady was a witchdoctor. He tried with all that he had to bring the baby to life, and failed. After the sisters’ prayer the lady was taken to hospital and delivered a dead baby boy. The nurse told them, “I am sorry, the baby is dead.” The sisters replied that we know better than that. Those are the tricks of a devil. Our God is alive. We are taught that the Lord giveth life after the baby is delivered.

They started praying and asking the Lord to stay the hand of death, and rebuking the devil and exposing him. AFTER 15 MINUTES THE BABY CAME TO LIFE AND IS STILL LIVING UP TO NOW. His name is called Jacob. Glory and honor be to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The father of this baby, who was a witchdoctor, packed all his tools that were used for his witches and brought them to the church to be burnt. He and his wife were baptized in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and are carrying on with the Message of the hour. Praise God. God bless you.

A brother from Tanzania

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