A History On Uganda

We received the following testimony from Brother Bolahs (VGR Office Manager in Uganda) of how the Message took root in this East-African country.


This is a life testimony of Brother Silvanus Otuya regarding how the Message of Brother Branham, a prophet to this generation, got into Uganda, East Africa.

It was certainly a great desire in Brother Branham to come to East Africa. The prophet had a great feeling for the people of East Africa. The Lord did not however enable him to physically visit the region. Thank God that the reason for which he should have come to East Africa was fulfilled through the book ministry.

In Uganda, it was 1975 when a pilot student came to Soroti Flying School for studies. He knew about the Message of Brother Branham from the church of Brother Kamwatti in Nairobi, Kenya. However, he was in a backslidden state, but God used him to come to Soroti with a few tracts of the Message and a few books. He never wanted to give them to anybody. So at the end of his training, and not wanting to carry back the books, he chose to leave them at the home of a man named Sam in the town of Soroti.

When Sam read these books, he believed and asked someone to baptize him in Jesus’ Name. He went to Teso College and testified to them about the books. Two of them read the books also and believed. Both were baptized that evening. So the first Message church in Uganda started with three brothers in Teso College, Soroti.

One of the brothers, who was a teacher in Teso College, wrote for more books using the addresses that were on the books. One day, while he was asleep, a voice called him by his nickname “Ochaloi.” This was a name only being used by very close friends who could not be around the school at that time of the night. After the voice called his name, it told him, “Books.”

He did not understand at the time, but when he went to school for his duties in the morning, he found there was a parcel for him. When he opened the parcel, he found that there were about 40 titles of the Message of Brother Branham’s books sent to him.

Today there is a Voice Of God Lending Library at Teso College, and by the arrival of these few tracts and titles of the Message of Brother Branham, many churches have been set up and demand for the Message material is increasing.

Thanks to the unreserved dedication by Voice Of God Recordings to the cause.

Thanks to Brother Joseph Branham for the vision to serve the Bride.

Every little contribution made to Voice Of God Recordings is faithfully directed to a soul somewhere.

May God bless you all.

Brother Silvanus Otuya.
Soroti, Uganda.

It Is I, Be Not Afraid – Columbia, SC 62-0611

“And then I go up the west coast, all the way to the Washington, Oregon, and up into Canada, and perhaps Anchorage, Alaska, to close the services. And come back and go overseas to--to Tanganyika, Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa, and down through there. I certainly need your prayers.”

COD 62-0527 paragraphs 693-695

“So then the Lord gave him another dream. And then when the interpretation come, told him where to go and what to do. And he went over there, and, my, oh, my, to Kenya, and Tanganyika, and Uganda, and those nations in there; it's just marvelous what the Lord has done for them in their missions. And he wants to show the picture, just to show what the Lord is doing amongst those people, the African tribes in there. The Lord willing, in January I want to join him there for the--and them amongst those tribes, for a meeting just before I go down into Rhodesia and South Africa again.”

Comment from VGR Kampala Office

Thank you Brother Silvanus,

Today, Voice Of God Recordings, Inc. has set up 43 lending libraries throughout Uganda due to the high demand of Message material.

Voice of God Recordings also serves close to 450 churches scattered all over Uganda, including areas in Teso region.

And of the calls received at the VGR Uganda office from our librarians, about 80% are either to ask for material or to advise that a new church has been started in a particular library area.


VGR Kampala Office