Now, the little queen, she said, "I'll... If it's not right I will bring the money back." So she loaded on all kinds of jewels and frankincense and everything. Now, look, another thing, what if she would've thought... With all this money she had to cross the Sahara Desert. And you know, Ishmael's children is out there, and they were all robbers. What if they'd overtaken that little caravan of hers, just a few eunuchs and some girls along with her, what would've happened? Why, they'd have robbed her in a minute and took all the money. But you know, if--if God is calling to your heart, you don't know no fear at all. You just keep going. You don't care what anybody else says, or anything else, you keep moving when you're hungering and thirsty for righteousness.

Remember too, no wonder Jesus said she'd stand in the last days and condemn this generation. You know how long it'd take her to cross there? Takes three months, ninety days. And she wasn't in an air-conditioned Cadillac either. No, no. She crossed on the back of a camel to hear the wisdom of Solomon. And Jesus said, "A greater than Solomon is here." And the same thing here: The Holy Spirit's here, and people won't even cross the street to hear It. That's right. "A greater than Solomon is here."

The Queen Of Sheba 61-0219

We are blessed beyond any other generation because we have the Wisdom of Solomon so readily available, yet so many are missing their opportunity.

Brother David Penedo is not one of those who would miss his opportunity. His home is in one of the most rugged and isolated places on earth, yet he cherishes the opportunity to visit the VGR office in Lima, Peru.

His journey through piranha-infested waters, disease wielding giant mosquitoes, and soaring mountains with treacherous cliffs is perilous to say the least. Yet, he makes this trip just for fellowship and, even more importantly, to bring a little Heavenly Food back home to his people. Like the Queen of Sheba, he will stop at nothing to receive his blessing.

Brother David recently visited our office in Lima. The following is Brother Sherman Napuri’s report of his visit.

It surprised me to see this brother coming to the office. This brother, if I may say this, is fearless. He lives in a town called Mazan, by the Amazon River, close to the border with Brazil. He has to cross the most dangerous part of this river in a small boat called “peque-peque” to go to Iquitos. If this boat turns over, one is completely lost and beyond any hope to survive. He has to do this every time he has to go to Pucallpa. From Pucallpa, he then has to get a “rapid boat” to continue his trip through piranha-infested waters. It is a three-day journey in that boat, sleeping in a hammock and eating in the boat at a high cost. The 1-inch mosquitoes are also a real danger as they carry the dengue or yellow fever diseases.

Then, after all that, he has to take a bus to Lima for another 24-hour trip, crossing the Andes Mountains. All this and then to see him standing at the door of the office with a big smile on his face saying, “God bless you brother, I have come to visit you.” Oh, my brother, I felt like a miserable man having all the comforts of the city and these believers living in such primitive places. He left greetings for the Bride of Christ. Please receive these greetings from him in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.