Power In The Voice Followup

Brother Mali manages VGR’s largest foreign office which is located in Kinshasa, Congo. He is also the assistant pastor of a church of about 10,000 people. He was touched by the testimony sent by the sister in Zambia, and had a similar experience in his church. Although most of the people do not speak English, they were all touched by the tone of Brother Branham’s voice when he spoke of his wife during the Message, My Life Story. The following is Brother Mali’s testimony.

After attending for the first time the 2009 Easter Open House, I went back to our country and as a minister, I had to preach on Sunday. I felt it on my heart to speak on the subject, My Life Story, as this year has been the prophet’s 100th anniversary.

I listened to the tape of this sermon many times before preaching, and the last part of the sermon, where Brother Branham was crying after promising Sister Hope to wait for him at the door beyond Jordon, touched my heart. I decided to let God’s people listen to this part at the end of my preaching. While preaching, I was reading different quotations of Brother Branham on his life story and at the end of my sermon, I informed the church that we will listen to Brother Branham’s Voice crying and praying when Brother Billy Paul asked him to tell the Lord Jesus to send back his mother.

While the tape was playing, during 15 minutes, the church was so quiet and they were listening closely. While Brother Branham was crying, all the church started crying. Drops of tears were on brothers’ and sisters’ cheeks. I was so amazed to see how powerful was the prophet’s Voice, even though many of them did not understand English, but they understood the Voice and the same impact was on the whole church. At the end of the service, I could see tears on the believers and I could testify with our sister in Zambia that there is power in the prophet’s Voice.

God bless you.

Brother Mali