I Am A Muslim: Cont’d

This is the continuation of the former-Muslim brother’s testimony posted yesterday.

But for three months, I was not convinced that Jesus Himself is Allah (God), but thought he is only a true prophet and Mohammad is not a prophet at all. But after three months, God revealed to me through Scriptures and works that indeed the old Jehovah and Lord Jesus Christ are one and the same. There are not two or three. Myself and my friend used to go to Pentecostal and other denominational churches. One day we met a pastor from South India. He was powerful in the wisdom of God and the Word of God, who disclosed the mysteries of Serpent Seed, The image of Nebuchadnezzar, Abraham and Sarah becoming young again after 99 years, Malachi 4, Revelation 10, etc. He introduced me to Prophet Brother Branham, which changed my life. I don’t know about others, but I know about myself, that I am the happiest man on this earth to be introduced to the prophet’s Message: The Message that will take us into rapture. I am happy hearing prophet’s Message every night, and even sleep hearing his Message till 1 am (night). I am mad of Christ and lost in the Lord.

I thank first Lord Jesus Christ for sending such a prophet Brother Branham to us as a special grace. I also thank God for the brothers who, with their own pocket money, working without taking salaries, day and night leaving behind their families and loved ones in their homes alone to spread this end-time Messages in whole world. May Lord Jesus bless their families, their household, their business, their jobs, their work, and their children. May God hear their prayer when they call, hear their cry when they are in trouble, hear their supplication whenever they pray for others, pay His attention whenever they put their hands on believers and pray for them. May God bless the village they go in to distribute these messages. May God bless the house they step in and enter. May God bless the home they visit. May God bless the family they meet. May God bless the persons whosoever even touch the garments of these news-spreading workers. May God bless every one.

In the end I want to sing the Hymmm “In the sweet By and By We Shall meet on that Beautiful Shore.”