A Compassionate Touch

There are thousands of VGR libraries around the world. Many of these libraries are located inside Message churches and are regularly used by the congregation. Others are located in VGR offices. The following testimony is from our office in Windhoek, Namibia, where the library inside is being put to good use.

Brother Mordecai is a sincere young man from the DRC, who loves the Message of Brother Branham very much. He often visits the library, where he gets his spiritual strength from countless hours of listening to the Message of this hour. Since his conversion from being a Muslim, he loves the tape ministry so much that he sometimes listens to five messages a day, when not busy with his studies. From spending this much time under the anointing of the ministry of Elijah, and living that Message, signs are bound to follow that believer. Here is one of his incredible testimonies.

When brother Mordecai arrived in Namibia to study, he knew very few people, and upon arrival was introduced to Mr. Pacheko, who offered him a place to sleep for the night. The next day he left, and some months later, he heard Mr. Pacheko fell sick. His left leg had been swollen up badly, and he also hurt his back so that he was unable to walk.

Brother Mordecai visited Mr. Pacheko and really felt sorry for him. He felt something pushed him just to put his hands upon his leg. He offered no prayer, just touched the leg having real compassion upon the man. Michael could hardly sleep at night as his leg was so painful, and he had to ask his wife at times to turn him over on the other side if he wanted to turn around, because he could not do it himself. Due to his sickness he also lost his job as a security guard as he was no longer able to perform his duties.

That night after this compassionate touch, he slept very well for the first time in many months. After about a week the swelling in the leg went down, his leg went back to normal, his back was healed completely, and he was able once again to look for another job to provide for his family. Mr. Pacheko got a job at another company and is completely healed, and is able today, through the grace of God, to provide for his family.

After Mr. Pacheko got healed, one lady who used to come pray for him and put "special anointed oil" upon him asked him what happened. She was a member of the Universal Church, where they sold her very expensive anointing oil and she then placed it on Michael's leg, but with no results.

So she asked him what happened, whereby, he gave her the testimony about one guy who just came there and placed his hands upon him, and from thence, he was healed. She contacted brother Mordecai to ask him how he did it, and by which power he was doing that. She told him how she bought the oil, and many times anointed Pachecko, but without results.

Brother Mordecai then started giving her the testimony of how God sent a prophet and what God did in this age. The brother gave her the testimony of how the Angel visited the prophet and told him that if he could get people to believe him, no sickness would stand before him. Having such a great cloud of witness, he kept that promise in mind when he laid his hands upon the man, knowing God is able to keep His Word even today. Another Scripture also say they [believers] shall lay their hands upon the sick and they shall recover, and that is what he did.

Brother Mordecai today continues to give Mr. Pacheko the Word, trying to tell him that Christ, who healed his body, can also heal his soul.