Now that the aftermath of the storms in Philippines has eased a little, Brother Jeremiah is back at his normal business of distributing the Message books and tapes. One of growing works in that country is in the prison ministry.

Brother Dante, a young minister and friend of Brother Jeremiah, has a special burden for the souls who are imprisoned in Filipino jails. This burden is deep-rooted, as you will soon read from Brother Jeremiah’s report.

Greetings to you in the precious Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I am privileged to know a young minister in the Message who has long been active in the prison ministry, and who has been instrumental in further helping Voice of God Recordings bring in more Message materials into the regular prisons in Metro Manila, particularly at the Pasig City Jail.

I've never met a man who seemed to have an unbounded enthusiasm and zeal for spreading and sharing the Message into the prisons than this precious friend and brother. He just loves those people in prisons, and despite his difficult situation having to earn a living daily for his family the hard way by doing porter works at the nearby market from 1 to 6 o'clock every morning, he always takes time to be at his post of duty every week distributing and preaching this Message inside the Pasig City jail and some other jails in Metro Manila.

Over the time that we've worked together for the prison jails, I only came to know lately the reason for his genuine love for the prison work. He himself was a prisoner, not only once, but he's been in and out of prison for the fifth time. At an early age of 22 years old, and driven by extreme poverty at his home province in the Visayas, he came to Metro Manila and became a member, and eventually a leader, of one of the most notorious criminal gangs in the country. He got involved in innumerable cases of robberies, even with homicide, carnappings, etc., until he got caught for the fifth time and was imprisoned for a quite a time after that.

Only by God's grace and mercy that Bro. Dante came from prison alive, as all of his other seven gang members were all dead already. In prison, he initially wanted to commit suicide, but later continued on to become a cell gang leader, and later he remorsefully repented of all his sins and started to study the Bible. This was when one pastor came to share the Message books that he brought along that Bro. Dante got to see the Message of the Hour, and that really changed his entire life. Since the time that he was released from jail (His case was eventually dismissed because all of the people that filed the case against him were not attending the regular court hearings anymore), he has devoted his life to this Message that he loves so dearly and to the people in prison where he had been for a number of times.

He also now pastors a church, which is one of the few churches which play the tapes of Brother Branham every Sunday. The people in his village, who all once feared him so much, just wonder at the real change in the life of Bro. Dante. He's become a true witness of Resurrection power of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Praise be to our LORD! God bless you.

Bro. Jeremiah

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