Update On Chile

We have finally received contact directly from Brother Jefte Quian, VGR Office Manager in Penco, Chile. Things are worse than we expected since the massive earthquake that struck Chile last Saturday. He has no phone service or internet connection, but he was able to find a radio station that had an internet connection so he could send us an update.

There was a ministers’ meeting scheduled in Chile, so Brother Jefte was desperately trying to get word to us not to come. When you pray, please remember the believers in Chile.

Email #1

God bless you! Only now the internet connection was available in Concepcion in a radio station.

The earthquake was horrible. It was like the end of the world. We are all fine: my family and the local believers.

The earth moved like a plane in the worst turbulence scenario. The violence started immediately the day after the earthquake. People started robbing the stores first and then the houses. We had to fight with sticks and metal bars to protect our families from the thieves. We still have no water, and we get it from a river nearby during the day. We still have food for three more days, and we are waiting for help from the government hopefully tomorrow.

The whole Conception area is not safe, there is siege state and everybody has to be at home at 6 p.m. till noon the next day. Military force is on the streets but it is not enough. Violence is everywhere. There is no telephone service.

I will send this and will follow in another email in case the line is disrupted.

God bless you!

Email #2

Sir, please do not come to Chile for now as it is not safe here. There are shootings on the streets and vandalism at the hotels, stores, and now the houses. There is no water. Big trucks come to give some at noontime, and all of us make long lines to get a bucket of water. The military force is shooting to kill after 6 p.m. on the streets and there is much fear.

I think things will take a while to settle.

I will continue in another email in case the connection is lost.

God bless you!

Email #3

I repeat sir, the situation here is terrible, as bad as the earthquake was, the riots and violence after it is even more horrible. Hordes of people run the streets to rob houses. Only yesterday there were 10 people killed in the Penco area. We have not been able to call anybody in the region or anywhere because there are no communications at all. Everybody is nervous and just waiting.

We are trusting in the Lord and in His care for us.

God bless you!

Jefte Quian