Help For Chile

The earth continues to tremble under the country of Chile as the believers struggle to return to their normal lives. Numerous aftershocks, some upwards of magnitude 7, are felt throughout Chile almost every day, especially in Central Chile. Although the aftershocks cannot compare to the massive 8.8 quake that rocked the country and the ensuing tidal wave that engulfed many of the coastal towns, it still rattles the nerves of the believers.

Many of the believers lost their homes and churches, and with the added grief of dealing with looting and violence, and long treks for food and water, the strain is wearing on them. They need our prayers.

Even though he and his family rarely sleep and are always on edge while dealing with electrical blackouts, no running water, food shortages, and many other problems associated with mere survival in Penco, Brother Jefte has given us regular reports of the believers’ wellbeing, and we are now getting a good idea of the work that will need to be accomplished in the near future. Along with the humanitarian help that will surely be needed in the near future as the government aid dries up and citizens are left to fend for themselves, one of the projects will be to rebuild our VGR office in Penco, which has been deemed unsafe by government officials.

We have received numerous phone calls and emails, so Brother Joseph has set up a separate fund for the believers who wish to help with the work in Chile. To contribute to this fund with a credit card, click on the “Earthquake Relief” button at the bottom of the homepage. The work in Haiti is an ongoing project also, so you will be given a choice on which fund to contribute to. To contribute with a check or money order, please make sure to include a note that specifies Chile or Haiti. Or, you can call the office. Donations will also be taken at foreign VGR offices.

Brother Jefte will inform the believers that the Bride of Christ around the world is again pulling together to help Her own. Just the thought of the prayers that are going before the Throne of God on their behalf will give them great comfort in these difficult times.