Now I Understand Why

Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.

Matt 10:32

And He promised you the same thing, that is, "If you could believe that it would happen." If you can't believe It, it just won't happen. Now, I can't make you believe, neither can you make yourself believe. God has got to give it to you. It's a gift of God, to believe. Not your faith, God's faith.

65-1126 Works Is Faith Expressed

His friends made fun of him, ministers tried to cast the “evil spirit” from him, and even his family forsook him, yet he was not alone when he stood for the truth. That courage wasn’t found inside of him like some may say; it was the One who never forsook him that was his strength. He titled his email, “Now I Understand Why.”

I am Brother Edwin from Kenya.

I have always wondered where did that courage go? The courage that made me not to do like the rest of my family members or like the rest of my classmates. For example, when He opened my eyes and revealed to me that there’s nothing like three gods, but it is One. And since I was born in a Catholic family I was taught that Apostle Peter was buried under the Vatican Catholic Church since it was said that Peter was called "Rock" and upon that rock He was to build His church. I wondered what gave me that courage to stand and tell my parents, cousins, brother, and sister that now I’ll no longer do the way of the cross and I will no longer have anything to do with it. You know, it requires not only courage but also wisdom.

I still wonder that courage of old that made me to hold on despite of my mama's sickness. She had high blood pressure, cancer and ulcers, but despite all that I still stood. I was teased and called a fanatic. Above all that I was forced to stand before three smart people “ministers a denomination” and them trying to challenge me despite my little knowledge of His will through Brother Branham.

I tell you, the courage was there. I didn’t fear. I was prayed up by them three men placing their hand on me and telling me that I had believed a cult and so they wanted to drive that evil spirit from me. I couldn’t find a place near our home to go and listen to His Word.

Despite all that, it never ended. There I was to receive a curse on condition that if I refuse to promise my mama that I won’t go back to Catholicism. Truly I know He was watching all that. I know that truly to suffer shamefully for His will is not an easy task. It takes courage.

Losing your best friends also is not easy, and above all, loosing your family is not easy. I am writing this as a testimony to tell the world that it is not us, and it will never be us who stand for His Word. I NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL. It’s always HIM who always stands for us, if we could only surrender our all.

I think now I understand why. I know now that everything is ok that I’ve found a new home, a new family, and new friends. I don’t have the courage. What gave me that courage? IT WAS HIM. Now I understand that WE HAVE NEVER STOOD FOR THE WORD OR WE HAVE NEVER KEPT IT. IT IS THE WORD THAT HAS BEEN STANDING FOR US ALL THRU, AND IT IS THE WORD THAT HAS KEPT US. Even though we sometimes lose the courage, I know whom I have believed and you know that it is all not in vain. This gives us courage to say like Job that even if the worms of discouragement try to destroy us, I know my redeemer liveth, and I know that I shall see Him by the power of His resurrection, for He is coming soon.

God bless