But the thing I want to try to get to you is this: That a man that is in Christ with the Holy Ghost, can bear with a man when he's wrong, long-suffering, gentle, patient. He's sweet, humble, faithful, filled with the Spirit, never negative, always positive. He's a different person.

60-0518 Adoption #2

The world has so many complaints these days, and it seems that is all we hear in the news media. However, Brother Pascal in Zimbabwe has a little different take on life. It’s not hard to see that he is sincere in his writing, which makes it all the more enjoyable to read.

Thank you very much for the Catch The Vision. It was a blessing to learn of the great sacrifices fellow believers make in the spreading of the present day message. It was quite inspiring and may the Lord continue to bless these, our brethren in the work of the Lord.

I also want to appreciate the wonderful work of the Voice Of God under the leadership of Brother Joseph Branham, in storing and distributing the food as given to us by the Lord through his prophet. I am a regular follower of the VGR website. I appreciate the quality of your articles and your emphasis on what our prophet taught us: to stay with what the tape says. I am also privileged to have a pastor who firmly believes in what the prophet says on tape as our ultimate. To us, this Voice of Rev 10:7 is our absolute. We stand with all what he (the prophet) said. Even where he says, “It’s my opinion.” To us it’s the Word of the Lord just like in Paul’s letters in the New Testament. I think we are safer in the prophet’s opinion than in some fallible man’s point of view. If all the believers would take the prophet’s Message that way, I think there would be greater unity amongst the saints today.

We are also privileged to have a VGR country representative of the caliber of Br “G” (Gordon Tutani) as he is affectionately known. He is a wonderful man of God. In my opinion, the general unity which the Bride enjoys in Zimbabwe is largely attributed to his objective influence, impartiality, selfless dedication and principled leadership. He interacts so well with the believers, until almost everyone believes that brother “G” is his best friend!

I also count myself a very privileged person in that my whole family is in the Message: Father, who is now 90 years old, mother went to be with the Lord two years ago and was a believer, a brother, and four sisters who are all married to believers. The Lord has also blessed me with a wonderful wife and three lovely daughters, who are all believers. Almost every day, I have the privilege to listen to the prophet’s voice. Each time I listen to the tape, I am overwhelmed by the humility of our prophet, the simplicity in which he delivers the message, and the unparalleled supernatural element that follows to vindicate his message. Very often, I find myself chocking with emotion on the mere thought that the Lord has counted me worthy and caused me to recognize my day and its Message! Surely all we need is in the Spoken Word books and tapes!

May the Lord continue to bless you in the wonderful work of serving Christ’s Bride as we wait for His soon coming.

Brother in Christ

Pascal Gubwe
Masvingo, Zimbabwe