Kentucky Grammar Is Here To Stay

The Kentucky Grammar article posted on December 14, 2009 inspired Brother Barnabas Kariuki, VGR Office Manager in Kenya, to narrate a few testimonies. Brother Caleb’s email made quite an impression on him.

And when this Kentuckian grammar is translated into African languages, it becomes so sweet that it is as addicting as it is tempting. We have hundreds of “Calebs” here that get so drunk on those tapes that they soon begin speaking Kentuckian English.

Those that can read get it faster, as they listen to the tape in their own language, while holding a Kentuckian Spoken Word book, thanks to VGR’s unique method of translation.

Others use shortcuts. When villagers threatened Evangelist Chibangu with death if he dared preach to them in the hated and despised French language (because of the way French-speaking Belgium colonialists treated them), he went to the mountain and desperately prayed overnight. The following day he preached to them in such pure Kiswahili that they demanded that it (the Message) be translated into Kiswahili!

One time VGR sent a consignment of English books only. When we gave a Karamojong pastor his share, he held it hungrily, admiring the cover picture. He then anxiously browsed, scanned and skimmed it, upside down. A few days later, he took one of the books and headed for the bush crying, telling his wife that he would not return until he can read and preach what was inside that unique book. Three days later he was back. Not only could he read it, but he could write in Kentuckian grammar.

He had been inspired by his mentor, Pastor John Louse, whom the Lord had told as a kid that the Message would soon come to his country, and that He wanted him to preach It to his tribesmen. But since it would be in English, the Lord would give him the language.

About twenty years later he was preaching in a Pentecostal convention in his native language, when he suddenly burst into Kentuckian English, to the amazement of all. He then knew that the Message had come. And, sure enough, within a week, he had the books in his hands, through Bro. Silvanus Otuya (See A History of Uganda 7/15/09). He has established no less than 60 churches among our fierce pastoral tribes in the jungles and is one of our best librarians. These tribes would only hear their own people, and they have them now!

I cannot tell you how many times per month a “Caleb” called John Ngige calls our office in his impeccable Kentuckian English, testifying. His church of 50 illiterates at Nandi Hills is actually the one that demanded for a Kiswahili translation of the Messages. They would take the manuscript and have it read in the church by somebody. Today he told me he knows he will one day go to visit VGR and speak to Bro. Joseph his pure English.

Thank you for being true to Bro. Caleb's text - not editing it. Keep it up Bro. Caleb, we are proud of you.

Barnabas Kariuki
VGR Office Manager, Kenya

Well said Brother Barnabas.