Namibia Report

We received the following report from the VGR Office Manager in Windhoek, Namibia on the ongoing work in his country.

The Work

The outreach in Shanty town Katutura is continuing. Brother Cleopas, a missionary from Cameroon (in black jacket),is continuing work the shanty town district in a suburb of Windhoek. This month he got a breakthrough when he baptized eight people in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. He, Brother Andrew, and Brother Elias as translator go out three times a week to spread the Message and feed the new converts with this precious Message.

Also in the Katutura neighborhood, Pastor Clint and Brother Aristedes as translator have been working with a Portuguese-speaking pastor who accepted the Message with his congregation. For the past two months they have been feeding the leaders and elders of the church with this precious Message so they, in turn, can take it to their people.

Hospital outreach

Brother Marius is continuing his efforts to reach the sick in hospitals by the handing out of tracts and free books to the sick that so desperately need that spiritual feeding. One book, page, or sentence of the Spoken Word by God’s prophet has changed many lives. Over and over we have been told amazing testimonies of how the anointing in those books changed people. Those books are special and anyone reading it with just a little bit of the right mental attitude, has gotten tremendous blessing from it. Many of those who are sick and afflicted take courage and faith. Others give their lives to Christ. Sometimes we don’t even know about them, but God knows just where the seed will take root.

Thank you very much for your ministry in providing the world with this Message. Someday in the eternity hereafter, you will see strangers come to you to hug you, and thank you for sharing eternal life with them. May the Lord give you courage and strength to keep doing what you are doing.

May you also have a blessed Passover feast, as we remember that terrible Friday night when the Lamb of God was slaughtered in our place and death passed over us. 

Do you know grace? I know you know, but I wish I could express what that freedom meant for me. I heard the trumpet sound through the mouth of a prophet telling me, "You are a son of God, not a slave."  When I heard that voice, I could drop my tools of death and tell the Devil: "I don't work for you no more! You are fired! You are not my boss no more." I feel better than the slaves when they saw the sun come up on that Lincoln day when their freedom was proclaimed.

Blessings and honor, glory and power to the risen Lamb who gives us the victory. Keep on sending forth that jubilee trumpet that declares the freedom of the slaves. I have brothers and sisters who is still in bondage-addicts of sin, ruled by a cruel master in many nations, and only your 7th angel trumpet Message can set them free.

God bless
Brothers Marius and Arthur