It seemed ridiculous when there wasn't a well nowhere. Down in the valleys, all around over the hillsides they couldn't even find a smell of water. And the driest place that was in the desert was that old rock. Go out here in the desert and look and see. Look like back under a nice palo verde, or somewhere, there'd be a little spring. Get down in the valley where all the waters run down, and dig down there you'll find water the quickest. But God sent him up on the hill to the driest thing there. That's the way God does. He likes to take something that's nothing and show that He is something. As I've often said, "God takes the nobodies to make somebody out of them. But when people think they're somebody, then they become nobodies in God's sight."

62-0128A A Paradox

Sometimes it’s called “dowsing,” sometimes “water witching” or “water pointing.” It’s an old method used by well drillers to find the closest water source by using a dowsing rod (sticks, metal rods, or sometimes they use nothing at all). Old “Uncle Girt” had the gift of finding water, there was a well driller in the area, and Brother Norman felt led to plant his garden in the most improbable place. Everything came together exactly as the Lord had planned, despite a little doubt.

The following is a testimony we received from our Namibia office.

Speak to the Rock and It'll bring forth Its waters.

Brother Norman De Vos is a very easy going, always positive, happy type of brother, who loves the Message very much. As we all are called differently, he tried business here and there, but somehow things just did not work out. He never thought he might end up on a farm.

As it is, God has a different path for each of us, and that path has been ordered before the foundation of the earth. His father in law died December 26, 2008, and as a result, his wife and brother-in-law inherited some farmland. During the cause of 2009, he was invited to Johannesburg South Africa, to write a business plan for someone on a small plot. From there he developed a love for the field.

When he returned, he started going with his wife to the old dry farmland she inherited. For 60 years people could not find water on that farm, other than near a dry riverbed on the land his brother-in-law inherited.

In Namibia, rivers run once a year for a few days during the rainy season. We call it the rainy season, but sometimes even the rain stays away from its season. Over here we appreciate the erratic rains when we see it in the three-month period of the rainy season. A thundercloud puts us under great expectation, and it is not taken for granted. Once on the farm, brother Norman then started fixing the old small house on their side of the plot. He also began to plant a small garden. For his garden he chose a spot on top of a very rocky area. People who know the area, ask why he chose the driest place, on top of a rock to plant a garden. At the same time the devil tried to discourage him in every way he could.

One October morning, he decided to call Uncle Gert, a well known water pointer, to come see if there is water nearby. Over here we call every elderly man “Uncle” even if he is no relation to you. It’s a respectful thing to do. While talking to another man for whom Uncle Gert pointed out water, he told him: “why not make use of the opportunity of the bore machine while it is available in the area?”

“Yes okay, let’s have it that way. A water pointer and a bore machine at the same time? (Doubt) Where would I get the money? If we are to bore over a hundred meters or so-It might come to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Where would I get the money Lord?”

After a few moments he called back to cancel the bore machine. Then he called his wife to say he can get both the water pointer and the bore machine on the same day but canceled the machine. “Where is your faith? Are you not the one who always tells me about faith? What is the matter now?”

“This is a perfect opportunity but where will we get the money?”

“Trust in the Lord, He will make a way.”

This time his wife remembered the sermon, and preached it back. Then he called back again and remade the appointment to have both the water pointer and the bore machine operator come on the same day. This is a big risk.

"The water pointer and the bore machine in ONE DAY? One in a million times, that works. This is very unusual. Who told you, you will find water? Water on a place where five boreholes, costing lots of money, previously had been made without success? Remember people failed here for 60 years!" said Satan.

Based on Satan's advice, the brother made a compromise. By the time the water pointer, "Uncle Gert," arrived, he had already decided he would talk to his brother-in-law to bore on his side of the plot, where chance of success is more likely. It’s about 300 meters from his plot, but if his brother-in-law agrees, he'll just lay pipes from there. There his brother-in-law pumps out 1,000 liters per hour, which is fairly good.

In his mind he says: "I will just bore 50 or so meters away from the old dry river and talk to my brother-in-law. Things were not all well recently, but I trust God will make a way."

When uncle Gert began pointing out, he started right on his plot. “Why are you starting here Uncle? There is nothing here but rocks? I thought we should be starting somewhere nearer to the old dry river.” But Uncle Gert ignores him and continues his search. A few moments later he points out a spot very near to the house, but sort of in the way where the brother had already began planting. “Could it be? Are you sure?”

Just about that time the bore machine operator arrives, the spiritual atmosphere becomes so intense, the brother feels he has to get away from there. We all know those moments when your mind becomes a battle field between thoughts. One part wants to believe and speak faith, another part wants to doubt and be "realistic." Realistic means carnality based on science.

While that war went on in his mind, Uncle Gert pointed out a second place, right on top of the rocks but better positioned near the garden in a perfect spot. “This is impossible Uncle Gert! There is no water there, everybody says so!”

But uncle Gert is very positive. “How deep do you think?” (Brother Norman is thinking about the money. In this business every meter counts! In his heart he is preparing to hear 100 meters, perhaps closer to 200 hundred meters.)

“Twenty meters,” says Uncle Gert. “Impossible!” (In his heart he still thinks of at least 100 meters and the great amount it will cost.) When the machine began to bore its first meter, the brother decides his heart can’t take it, so he must get away. He drives to town to buy food for at least two days, while the operation should be going on. All the way on the road he talks to God. “Lord! Let this place be like the time Israel was in the desert. Moses struck a rock and gallons of water poured forth. Lord I ask that the water will be ten times stronger then the strongest borehole in this area.” (His brother in law pumps 1,000 liters per hour near the river.”

On his way back he still speaks to the Lord. “Lord when I go over this last hill here, I don't want to see dust from the machine struggling to get through the rock.” As he comes over the last hill, he sees no dust. “Maybe they are just resting for lunch, and that's why there is no dust.”

When he parked the car and came around the corner of the little house near the rocky garden, a worker comments, “We got it.” Still in his heart he does not believe. When he comes near the place he sees just water pouring out! Gallons and gallons! He sees the bore operator is not very happy, because he won't be making a lot of money today. The job is over before it began. “How strong?” he asked the bore operator. “11,000 liters per hour.” TEN TIMES stronger then the strongest borehole in the area!

Water out of a rock! “How did you know to plant on this area with just a thin layer of sand over it?” Uncle Gert wants to know. “This is the best place to have planted!” Comment Uncle Gert. “If you would look with the naked eye, it would seem the worst place. How did you know?” God told him to plant right there. He is still the same yesterday, today, and forever. Yes! He cares. And yes, He will give you the desire of your heart, if only you would find your pleasure in Him.

We thank God for a prophet. We thank God for a Message. He taught us God is real, and delivered to us a Message of faith. Faith we can use to see God. We have heard, but now we see!

Thank you very much for your ministry in providing the world with this Message. Faith cometh by hearing and you are making it possible for us to hear. May the Lord forever bless thee.

God bless

Brothers Arthur and Marius