Critics are everywhere. How many times have we heard the question, “William Branham is gone, so why are you still following him? Why do you listen to his tapes so faithfully? He may have been a prophet but now it is time to move on.”

With all their criticisms, we hold strong that Brother Branham’s Message is as alive today as it was fifty years ago. The Word of God does not expire as some would have us believe.

Brother Cyrille from Cameroon witnessed the power in the Message as he gave up his rights to argue and stood still, knowing that God was speaking. He then saw a glimmer of respect in his father that he had not seen before. This is his testimony.

God bless you all! I have a testimony I want to share with all the Bride of Christ. I'm French speaking so it would be more simple to tell it in French, but I hope that you will understand.

One or two years ago, I was listening to some tapes in my house. I’m living with my parents and they are not yet believing the Message. I didn't have a MP3, so I was listening tapes in their room. There was not anyone at home; they were at work. The tape I was listening to was called, “The Church And It’s Condition.” It takes more than three hours, and before it ended, I heard my father coming back home.

It was just when Brother Branham was calling people to the altar. I had closed my eyes and was praying with the prophet, when my father came in. He began to speak to me, telling me that I was stupid because I was a clever person who had studied, and how could I be so stupid to listen to a dead preacher’s message? I wanted to open my eyes and answer him, but it seemed like I heard a voice saying, "Keep quiet!" So I continued listening the prophet.

My father continued to speak loudly. At that time Brother Branham said, “But you got to forfeit your rights and let the Word of God shave all the world off of you, take all the habits of the world away, and you become a new creature in Christ.” When my father saw that I didn’t answer him anymore, he became very angry and called me by all the names. I still had my eyes closed and was praying with the prophet. At that time, I heard the prophet saying in the prayer, "I have prayed for you with all my heart, now the Lord had said, (I will say it in French):"malheur a celui qui essayera de toucher a 1seul d ces plus petits il vaudra mieux pour lui qu'on lui suspende une meule autour du cou et qu'on l jette à la mer plutot qu'il essaie de toucher a un seul de ces petits."

(In English: Woe unto that one that crosses them up. Woe unto that one that says one word against them. Said, “It'd be better that a millstone was hanged at your neck, and drowned in the depths of the sea.)

When the prophet of the Lord spoke, brethren, my father was scared and he kept quiet, not speaking all the day and not going to rest in his bedroom. For me, it was a great miracle and I thought, “The Word of a dead preacher can't have this power. It’s the Word of the Almighty God and the Voice of an everlasting angel.” I remembered that the prophet had said, "…even though someday I have to leave this world, these tapes will still live." And that's nothing but the Truth!

May God bless you and the VGR's ministry to provide us the pure Voice of the seventh angel.
Bro. Cyrille from Cameroon

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