Dear Brother Joseph, Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am Sister Rose, age 42 years. I would like to share my testimony to the Bride of Christ how the Lord healed me from HIV/AIDS.

Last year 2009 I was staying at a village called Lualizi where I was working as a shopkeeper in the shop of a Pentecostal holiness pastor. By then I was a member of that denomination. Being religious and yet in darkness, I became sick because of a sinful life. I started having diarrhea and feeling weak weeks after weeks. I could not do any hard work any more, till I was taken to Isoka District Hospital where I was examined and admitted for about four days and was told the cause of my sickness was HIV/AIDS.

I was counseled and was given drugs for such patients, which I started taking daily. My condition became worse and worse. Now I was feeling more weak and could not do any work any more. End of 2009, whilst walking at the market, one sister by the name of Rhodah gave me a small booklet translated in Bemba language, “Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever.” I went home and read the booklet. “The Lord gave me faith to believe that the God that healed those people I read of will heal me also,” I said in my heart.

The following day I went to the restaurant of Sister Rhodah and asked her to take me to the tabernacle, so that the pastor can go and pray for me because I believe that Jesus Christ was going to heal me the way He healed those I read of their testimonies in the little booklet.

After church service, I requested to be prayed for and the minister prayed for me and encouraged me to hold to the promise. For He is faithful, Him that promised. From that day I was healed instantly. Following day, I felt my body was in good health the way it should be. From that day till now I do hard work. The Lord has fully restored my health and this made me to believe this TRUE REVEALED WORD OF GOD IN OUR DAY. THANK GOD FOR SENDING US A PROPHET LIKE UNTO MOSES, WILLIAM MARRION BRANHAM. I was baptized that same week in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Indeed Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I am enjoying fellowship today with the saints in Isoka Zambia, feeding on the Spiritual Food in our day. You can share my testimony to the Bride.

May God richly bless you.

Your Sister In Christ,