A madman and a blind boy

Greetings to you all in Jesus Name.

We are Message believers from Kericho, Kenya and very happy to share the blessings of GOD with you! Recently believers visited a remote village in Kenya at the edges of Mau forest called Kiribwet, Transmara District to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by the end time servant, William Marrion Branham. As the servants were moving from house to house testifying the Message of the arisen Christ, a madman was brought to the meeting, as the people had heard of wonderful works that Almighty God was doing in the village.

He was prayed for, and he was delivered and set free from the bondage of the enemy. He was baptized the following day and now fellowships with believers in the nearby local church. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. Last Sunday also was a blessed one as we gave thanks to the LORD for healing of a 14-year-old boy who had been blind for over nine years and was also suffering from paralysis and compounded by being an insane.

He had been carried on his dad’s back for several kilometers as they traced their way to a believer’s house in Roret, Kenya. Two years now and he is well and going to school, having gained his sight a few days after being prayed for. The improper state of mind ceased immediately after meeting as the pastor read a Scripture from the Bible. He had been very aggressive and had not slept for several days, but he fell asleep when the pastor read the Word of God. WE GIVE ALL THE GLORY AND HONOR TO OUR ALMIGHTY GOD. PRAISES BE UNTO THE LORD FOREVER AND EVER-AMEN!!! Best regards from Message believers here in Roret, Buret.

God bless you.
Bro. Stanley, for Pastor Peter Kimetto.