After Mongolia, Namibia is the least densely populated country in the world. It is a large and mainly arid country sharing borders with Angola to the north, Botswana to the east, and South Africa to the south. It is also connected by a narrow strip with Zambia and Zimbabwe. Namibia is well known for its vast expanses of desert, beautiful scenery, and diverse wildlife (Namibia is the first country in the world to incorporate protection of the environment into its constitution).

Even more important than its natural resources, is another resource that is little known to the world but well known to the Bride of Christ. The VGR library in Windhoek, staffed by Brothers Arthur and Marius, is fully stocked and used by hundreds of people to get more of Brother Branham’s material. From this little lighthouse, the brothers also do outreach in the hospitals, shantytowns, and remote villages that dot the Namibian landscape. Here is the most recent report from Brother Arthur.

Outreach efforts

Outreach is continued to local hospitals, clinics and train station, where brother Marius places free books and tracts at these places and speaks and prays with people who are sick.


We also traveled to the nearby settlement of Dordabis to distribute books and tracts. The settlement is about 90 kilometers east of Windhoek. Brother Mavesere, who had been stationed there for a few months, met some people there who showed interest to the Message, and so we went there to help them and others with Message materials.

Pioneering work in Oshakati
The Message reaching the villages of the North of Namibia at last.

This month Brother Haziel Mavesere, a medical doctor from Zimbabwe currently working in Namibia felt a heavy burden for the people of the north. He then invited a missionary friend of him, brother Lone Gombe from Zimbabwe, to come help him with the spiritual work of spreading the message in the far north of the country. Dr. Mavesere not only use medical science on his patients, but he also loves the message and uses its supernatural power, to bring the all mighty healing Word of the Lord Jesus to the people. He is a good all around doctor. He not only prescribes medicine to the flesh, but also to the soul, operating where no medical science can.

Brother Matthew, a brother from Windhoek, who is able to speak the Oshiwambo language, usually helping brother Cleopas and myself in Windhoek, then went north to help brother Gombe by translating for him. To the right is a picture of brother Gombe sitting in the pale shirt, with some of the local people.

With the help of two other sisters from Windhoek (pictured 1st from right in red, and 3rd from right in light green), who invited the people for the meetings, they were able to spread the Word of the Lord.

Brother Cleopas later joined them, and helped with the preaching of the Word. Here he and brother Matthew (with the VGR half miler) spoke to some people in the villages.

In the end the efforts of Dr. Mavesere paid off huge dividends, when 11 people were baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus in those villages.

We wish to ask the bride of Christ to pray for these efforts of the good doctor up north, as this is the first time the Message is truly able to penetrate this part of the country.