Update on little Caleb

Yesterday, the kidnappers allowed the family to talk to their son, but they are still demanding a huge ransom for his release. The family does not have words to express their gratitude for the prayers of saints around the world. Their spirits seem to be higher now, and they are looking forward to an end to this dreadful experience.

At about 3:00 on Wednesday afternoon, Aug 25, armed men kidnapped three-year-old Caleb from his front yard, and later contacted his parents, saying that they would kill their son if an enormous ransom was not immediately paid. Over the weekend, the family was able to hear their son crying, and yesterday, the father talked to him. He may be in the clutches of evil men, but he is safe in the arms of Jesus Christ. And He is hearing our prayers.

Now is not the time to put the swords back into the sheaths. Stand strong and continue battling the enemy; young Caleb and his family are counting on us. Prayer changes things!

And brother, this is God's Word, which is sharper than a two-edged sword. It's the greatest power that was ever put in the hands of man, and God's expecting Adam's race to put sin, sickness, and all kinds of devils to the fighting walls. That's right. We've got the most powerful Weapon that there is. Arnold von Winkelried left them with sticks and stones, but Christ left us with His Word and Spirit. Let's fight! Let's stand for Christ! Let's stand for the Word! Let's pull the sword out of its sheath and fight.

57-0307 God Keeps His Word #2

We will continue to update the web as more information comes in.