The following is a testimony we received from a sister in Mexico, who took God’s messenger at his word and accepted her healing.


My name is Sister Maclovia González, and I congregate in the Christian Church in Manalisco Jalisco México, where we believe the Message of the hour, by William Branham.

Being on a ranch named el Capulín, one night a strong discomfort woke me up. I got up and tried to walk, and fell to the floor. I tried it again and fell again. So I spent the night lying on the floor, battling to open the door, calling for help. Only God could hear me, because I could not speak, and dragging myself, I succeeded in opening the door. My children were thus able to take me to the hospital, where I was admitted for four days.

I had had a cerebral hemorrhage, leaving me paralyzed on one entire side of my body, including my leg, my arm, and my tongue, without being able to speak or move by myself. The doctors were not able to do anything for me, so they sent me back to my home, giving instructions to my family on how they should be careful not to allow my body to become stiff, because of the time that I would apparently remain in bed.

I lay prostrate in my bed for three weeks. One morning my children were battling so much to move me, since my whole body was disabled and very weak. It seemed that everything had arrived to a very bad and lamentable extreme. That very day, my daughter Carmen put on a tape of the prophet for me titled, "He That Is In You" and showing me the "anointed cloth," put her right hand with the "anointed cloth" on my forehead, citing Mark 16:17-18 where the Bible says, "these signs shall follow them that believe; they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover." Also reminding me of the quote of the promise given by God, that the Seed of Abraham will possess the gates of their enemies. We prayed together with the prophet of God (William Branham). My daughter left my room, leaving me alone listening to the tape. I heard the messenger of God giving orders, saying, "Do you believe that, lady, laying on this cot?...stand up, in the Name of Jesus Christ...Her anklebones received strength." I felt that those orders were for me; so I pushed myself and sat up in the bed and began to praise God, and to clap my hands, and move my legs. I said, "That's me." My daughter Carmen, upon hearing all this, came running into my room very worried. I told her, "That is what God wanted. He told me to get up." I said, "Lord, I am also yours." (That is found at the end of the tape of the message, "He That Is In You."

From then on, I began to get up without so much help from others, and going to the kitchen on my own feet. I said to my family, "I want to eat, eat, eat. And from then on, I have continued living my normal life, serving my Lord Jesus Christ in the place where He has called me to serve Him.

I give thanks to God for permitting me to know His power, and to experience and to know that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever; Hebrews 13:8. This happened in September of 2009.

Thank you for reading my testimony.

Your sister in Christ,
Maclovia González