The recent YF camp had a much broader affect than just the youth in Ukraine. In fact, it connected two Tapeboys, one from northern Europe and one from east Africa. During the camp, Brother David Forsberg (VGR representative in Norway) gave a few testimonies about the effect the Deep Calleth To The Deep video is having in his country. He advertizes a movie by putting an ad in the paper or handing out flyers, and then opens the doors of a rented theater for all to see this man who knows even the deepest secrets of the hearts. Brother John Katyale, the Tapeboy in Malawi, took a keen interest to Brother David’s testimonies and decided to give it a try in his country.

Although theaters in the African bush are tough to find, Brother John and Brother Saidi (VGR office manager in Malawi) decided to do it African style by setting up a large projector and screen in an open area to show the video.

The Tapeboys usually have a good turnout, but this one was exceptional. Over 1,500 people came to watch Brother Branham on the big screen.

Yes, this is the right time for the Malawians to see the God vindicated prophet of the hour as prophesied in Malachi 4:5-6, when others have decided to preach on the contrary, but we believe the Truth shall always prevail.

We have planned to go township by township, before we go into the districts of Malawi.

Our first stop was Sunday evening, August 22nd at a township called BCA. Brother John, has got his own way of attracting the attention of the people, and this time around it was a singing video tape he used, and people started coming in their large numbers. At around 9:00 in the evening, Brother William Marrion Branham was introduced, a prophet to the Gentiles. It was indeed a blessing to see how the people were glued to the screen and never wanted to miss any detail of their God sent prophet.

At the end of the service, a lot of people were very much anxious to know further details of the ministry and the Message of the hour, and they were helped accordingly.

God bless you. – Saidi