We received this letter at our Montreal office from a couple of long-time Canadian friends. It started with a business deal gone bad, and ended with the Lord Jesus using the lost money to further His Kingdom.

Dear brothers and sisters,

We are enclosing a check to further the Word of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. There is a testimony that goes with this offering that we wish to share with you at this time.

In order to condense this testimony, I will just say that we lost this same amount of money to a company that sold us a useless product. We signed a contract, and by law, we are held to it. We lodged a complaint to Consumer Affairs in order that others would be warned about this company.

Consumer Affairs informed us that we would have a chance, but most likely have to fight it on our own and go to court. We didn’t want to do that but we believed that God could help us, so we prayed that if the Lord would help us obtain the money back, we would give it back to Him.

What happened after this still blows our minds. The company at first indicated to us strongly that they would fight and it would cost us.

While we were in Jeffersonville, we received several emails, each one becoming more compliant. The second to last email sent was on this order, “Would you like to continue with the program or would you like a refund?”

The last email stated that a check for the full amount was being mailed immediately. The only explanation that we have is that the Lord fought the battle, because we had nothing to do with it. We just wrote and told them that we wanted a refund, but all along thinking that it was impossible.

The check has been received and we are so happy to be able to give it to HIM WHO IS SO WORTHY!!!

We are confident that the Lord has a purpose for this amount.

God bless you all for what you are doing in His service.