To God First

We received the following testimony from a Brother in Russia. In a time of need, he brought his request before the Lord first when a cow stepped on his daughter’s foot. Then, there was no need to worry, the Lord was in control.

Greetings to you, dear Brother Joseph and all the VGR staff, in the precious Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

First of all, I want to tell my thanks to you for those spiritual materials you have been mailing to me this year. Each time, as I peep into my mailbox and see an envelope from the VGR, my heart is just thrilled with joy. Thank you very much, we have been blessed while reading those testimonies and articles, and we even have them read at the meetings. It is so nice and interesting to find out of brothers and sisters' lives throughout all the world, feeling that unity, a pull like that of kinfolk, and love to this Message. May God bless you to be a blessing to others in this work. Thank you for your prayers and what you remember us; we pray for you.

I would like to share a little testimony of what happened with my daughter Anna just recently (she is almost three years old).

We (me and my wife Irina) have a little farm, some cattle: a cow and a bull, some chickens. One day Anna was playing at a pile of sand near the house. Our cow was coming back from the pasture. While going by that pile of sand, somehow it stepped towards Anna and treaded her foot down with its hoof. Her little foot went down deep into that sand. I drove that cow off, took my daughter and brought her home. Me and my wife knelt down in prayer to God, praying for healing. It was a dreadful thought for us to think that her little bones in her foot have been broken. Then I called a doctor, and we went to a hospital.

After the x-ray was made, the doctor was looking at those pictures closely for a long time, and finally he said that there isn't any break of bones. He asked if she can make a step with that foot. I put my daughter on the floor, and she made some few steps. Doctor said also that there isn't any sprain of ligaments; there were only some few scratches. That was a miracle for us. As we came back home, we have been thanking God for that healing and that He kept us from evil.

Glory be to God!

May the Lord bless you.

Brother Sergey