Testimony of the divine healing of my wife

May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you. I had rented the house of a Rosicrucian, where I lived with my family. Some time after, my wife went with the children in the village for a holiday. On their way, their car rolled over, but they were all safe. They spent two months in the village. On their way back home, the car rolled over again, and they were all safe again.

A week after, my wife started to be sick. The doctors did all they could to help her get her health back, but it didn't work. When I had no more money and no more means, we thought to pray. But since she was of Catholic allegiance, her mother insisted that we bring her to an exorcist priest, but he was not able to help her despite the numerous ceremonies he did.

It was too much for me, she was sick for almost a year! One day, a neighbor of mine that had enough of this as well, came home while I was not there and suggested to my wife he could bring her somewhere else to be prayed for. She didn't want to go. This neighbor insisted and even offered to pay for the transportation.

When they got to the place where they would pray, she received her healing in the Name of Jesus Christ. She says that she felt a weight leaving her just like a person that would lay down a big burden. From that time, she started to eat, something she couldn't do anymore. She had only been able to drink iced water.

The pastor who prayed for her is a believer of the Message God gave to the prophet William Marrion Branham for us. Today, my whole family believes this Message. I thank our Lord Jesus Christ.

Podga Prosper

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